cin1 to cin2 in 4 months?

I had an abnormal smear earlier in year and referred for colposcopy which I had in May, consultant felt all look good, biopsy from that showed cin1. They decided to bring me back for a repeat colposcopy which I had in a month ago in Septembe, again consultant thought cervix looks healthy and didnt warrant lletz treatment there and then, result from biopsy from that time has now shown cin2. Now they have sent an appointment for next week for lletz treatmen. I don't know how to feel about this, maybe this is a stupid question but if the consultant cant see anything how can they know which cells to treat? I'm worried there is something else going on higher up that they can't see during colposcopy but the biopsy is showing a result. Is it worrying to go from cin1 to 2 in a matter of months? My backround is in 37, 2 kids, smears have been all clear since 2004 where I did have a abnormal smear back then and colposcopy but it was same thing as in nothing was found and no treatment required. Any thoughts?

Hi I am in a similar situation , well my smear a year ago showed normal and then recent one showed cin3. I had a biopsy 2 weeks ago and it came back cin 2. I asked why nothing had been shown last year as it is supposed to take years to get to cin3. The consultant said a smear is only as good as the person taking it! It's so hard to know what to believe. I have loop excesion in a few weeks. I feel very anxious about everything as I feel ver run down and experiencing stomach spasms etc. 

I don't have much knowledge to impart but with regards to knowing which cells to treat , during my punch biospy the used a dye?

Good luck x

Thanks for the reply, I've now had the lletz treatment 5 days ago, it was not as bad as I thought. I did have  some unusual looking lump of stuff come out of me today (like it was massive!) but after googling about it, it appears it does happen to some people. i asked the consultant about the cin1 to 2 in such a short time and she said first colposcopy biopsy versus second colposcopy the biopsies were taken from diffevent areas on the cervix so one area showing cin1 and other area Cin2 so it's not like it progressed from one to other but different parts of cervix will have different result. I have to go back in 6 months for follow up smear and hpv test, I'm hoping all will be clear. Good luck with your appointment. x