Lletz for cin 3...results show cin 1?!

So I had a severe smear, then a biopsy which showed cin 3 so I was given a lletz. Finally, 5 weeks later my results letter has come (all two sentences of it)  which states that during my treatment an area of cells known as cin 1 were removed and I need to attend my gp for a smear in 6 months time. 


How can this happen? Firstly I'm a bit annoyed I was put through all that worry, and unnecessary treatment for something that was only cin 1 anyway. However, how did a rather large biopsy come back as cin 3 inaccurately (I saw the histology, involving crypts and everything). I'm worried that the lletz didn't get the cin 3..maybe it just missed it? Or perhaps the cin 3 was all removed with the first biopsy... Which to be honest should have been explained in the letter. I'm a bit confused now, I might ring up but they're always so busy and it's just the one nurse who does the colposcopy clinic and she's never available. 


I don't feel like I have any closure on this. 

That is confusing! I'd ring & get someone to call you back if they are busy. Failing that make an appt to see whoever did it orr go to your gp. you have been through a lot.. They'll be more than happy to put your mind at ease I'm sure. 

Hey. It will be that the 1st punch biopsy would have removed the CIN 3, they always take the biopsy from the worse affected area, then obviously the lletz has taken a larger surface area biopsy of which is CIN1. x

Hi, something similar happened to me! My smear detected low grade, my colposcopy nurse said I looked cin 1 when she did the biopsy, the results came back as cin 2 but at my lletz the gynaecologist nearly didn't go ahead with the procedure as my cells "looked cin 1". Now awaiting lletz results. All I can say is at least we are lucky it's that way around and that they didn't end up finding worse things than they expected x

Same her.  Doc said cin 3, LLETZ said cin 2. Don't worry! It's a good thing It came back as cin 1. Better out than in