Return of abnormal cells (pregnancy mentioned)

Hi guys,

            Newbie here, so sorry if this has already been said, or asked. My story is: went for my first smear, had severe dyskarosis, had LLETZ.

Went back for my six month check, smear test result was normal but I was HPV+. Went in for colposcopy, they saw a tiny white area and he 

took a punch biopsy and laughed it off, said it was absolutely nothing to worry about and that I probably wouldn't need treatment. If it was 

anything, it was low grade.


So an anxious 3 weeks later, I get my biopsy results saying CIN2. Although no cancer, so yay! Laughing

I am still stupidly a little worried though. I have to go in for another LLETZ on Wednesday, and each time I get another smear

or biopsy etc, it feels even worse than the last. And I've been left in quite some pain all over my pelvis, and shooting pains

up my hoohar which can get quite intense. I just have so many questions and don't have anyone to talk to about it. 


My main ones being:

1) Has anyone managed to have children successfully after two loop procedures?

2) Has anyone else had a smear test miss abnormal cells? Because if they didn't miss them, that means these cells grew in the 

space of three weeks. That worries me?!

3) Has anyone had severe abnormalities come back after just six months?


Thanks ladies in advance Kiss xxxxx



Just wanted to reply as noone has but afraid I don't have any answers for you.  I am much older than you (43) and have had clear smears until the last one this year which showed CIN3.

In terms of reassurance for you - CIN2 is very unlikely to be cancer at this stage but best to get the cells removed.  I have heard that you can usually have around 3 Lletz treatments before there is any issue but it depends on the individual so I would have a chat to your doctor about your options.  I would imagine that having it done for the second time will be fine.

It is a horrible time for all of us going through this but I am sure someone else with more knowledge than me will get back to you, in the meantime take care


Hi Tess

I can't answer with regard to loop treatment and kids, but my understanding is the same as Kay's, that they can do 3 treatments on most people.

Re the differences between smear and biopsy results, I had a borderline smear, which my GP told me means the mildest of the mild, then the consultant at the colposcopy said she throught it was probably CIN1 or CIN2. Biopsies came back as CIN1 with topical CIN2 (which apparently means a few small patches of CIN2). The biopsies give the people doing the analysis more cells to play with than the smear test does, so they can be more certain.

You'll also see stories from ladies on here who have said that the results on the piece of tissue removed during LLETZ were different from the biopsy results. Again, it's a bigger sample of cells, so they can get a more accurate result. In some cases, this has shown to be less severe for the most part than the biopsies. I presume that the doctor would biopsy the bit that looks the worst anyway!

I would talk to the consultant who does the LLETZ about the pain you've been having. He or she will be a gynaecologist, so probably better placed to advise you than your GP, and you may as well make the most of your appointment!

Good luck


Hey Tessie,

I have had a Lletz treatment (1.5cm deep, which i was told is more than standard) and found cc so am booked in to have a cone biopsy under GA (i'm guessing they'll take a fair chunk... :(). From the start i have been worried about the effects this may have on pregnancy as i would love to have children so i have asked about it in my appointments. My understanding is that it will not affect my ability to get pregnant but there may be a very very slight increased risk of premature birth and miscarriage. I've been assured that if and when i do fall pregnant i will be closely monitered and they will likely put a stitch in my cervix to try and prevent that from happening. The next stage for me if the cone biopsy isn't successful would be a trachelechtomy (excuse my spelling) which removes the whole cervix and they said even then i would still be able to have children. I recommend you have a chat with your doctors as well as i've found them to be great at answering my questions. I wish you all the best xxxx

Thanks guys for your responses! So helpful!

i feel so in the dark over here. Good luck to you all xxx