abnormal smear and LLETZ procedure

Hi all, im going out of my mind with worry since receiving severe diskaryosis following a routine smear. I had the results of my smear back after 10 days, the following day i received a letter to go for a colposcopy in four days time. I had the LLETZ treatment and biopsy taken at the colposcopy appointment, the doctor said he ‘didnt think it was cancer’ but pre cancerous cells with moderate changes. Anyone know if the the colposcopy exam usually matches biopsy ? Thanks xxx

Hi there

Yes, in most cases they seem to be able to take an educated guess at what it will come back as. I suppose they look at cervixes all day, they have some practise!! My doctor said she thought CIN1 or 2 at the colpo, and biopsy results came back as mostly CIN1 with small localised patches of CIN2.

I know it's easy to work yourself into a state that they might find something bad, but the most likely case is that it will be as your doctor/colposcopist suspected.

Good luck, and hope you dont have to wait too long for results

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Thankyou for your reply it gave me some reassurance. I rang the colposcopy clininc yesterday and my results were in. CIN 2 with follow up in 6 mths, so yes consultant was right when he said moderate cell change, feeling relieved xx