Colposcopy. Loop excision. Re call.

Hi I was wondering if after anyone’s loop excision you had a letter being called in for a meeting/discussion about the results? Just feeling a little worried as after I had the loop done they said I’d have my results within 4 weeks and then seen just for a follow up in at 3 months after my colposcopy/biopsy found cin3 which was a shock anyway as my smear only detected cin1. But now after my results being sent to a monthly meeting with a group of consultants I’m now being called in a week tomorrow to discuss things.
Thanks for any help/answers

Hey Hun I think I maybe........ Not too sure  had colpcoscopy and lletz on 15th Sep because my smear came back as cin 111 with glandular envolvement, I went to the docs on monday due to an infection and GP had my results that confirmed what he smear said. Don't get me wrong I am pleased that it wasn't bad news but doc said they are going to send me an appointment to  discuss  results ....... I haven't received results in post or appointment so phoned the clinic...... No help what so ever, the guy on the phone didnt  at my file or  name just said they would see me again foe four months!!!! So confused just no clear answers on what is going on. Xxxx

It's so frustrating isn't it! Mine also is glandular that's why I'm worried that maybe they didn't get it all as its further up. Plus the consultant said while doing the loop, that he'd take as little as possible and hope we get it all! have you asked your gp to tell you anything? I'm wondering if they could give me a clear result from my loop that the hospital has sent over. I guess if they send out letters (such as we got) for a chat about the results, there must be something to discuss!? Or surely they'd just send out results first off with the standard follow up appointment. Xx