Waiting for Colposcopy Results - how long

So I had my Colposcopy nearly 3 weeks ago and I was wondering how long they usually take to send results.   I've not heard anything and I am hoping thatno news is good news


Although by good news I mean the results will be CIN at some level as my smear result was high grade dyskaryosis.    Do they ever diagnose cc just from a colposcopy ?


I kind of assume I will have the loop or lletz procedure but have not had any letter about that, although the Doc at the colp did speak to me about a procedure to remove the dodgy cells.


The other question isknow often do you get a CIN grade from the biopsy and then a cc diagnosis after the lletz ?


Lots of questions I know,  I've actually been really good so far with the waiting thinking that if I've not heard anything bad so far it must be been, but the idea I could get a CIN biopsy result and then that could change to cc later isreally worrying me




Hi disey I received mine just after 3 days which is really quick I had lletz on Tuesday and now waiting on those results :-/ I think maybe you should call your hospital and see if they have your results in? U must be going crazy sorry I can't answer anymore for you 




The waiting is awful! 

I got a phone call to go in about my results after 10 days. I think I went in on day 12. My results were marked as urgent though but I got the impression that they were all marked as urgent if there was anything abit different on the examination.

Id give them a call, I'm sure they are very used to women chasing their results so don't feel like you are mithering them. 

I was told I have CIS which I'm still clueless about! He described it as cancer cells that arnt yet behaving like cancer cells! Iv looked online and it says alsorts of different things so I'm just not bothering looking now but am also panicking about getting a different diagnosis after I have my operation! 

Keep us posted on your results.



I Rang the doctors yesterday as I thought they may get the results as well but they said they didn't have anything yet.   If I don't get anything on Monday I will try and find the number for the hosp and call the direct - I know they said allow for 4 week it if I need to go in for the lletz I'd like to know ASAP.  I am trying to plan a weekend away for Halloween to Fright Night at Chessington World of adventures with my 6y/o and dont want  pay for it and then find I can't go.  Not just losing the money but I don't want to disappoint him either.

Hate this blummin waiting !




I'm in the same boat. I know I need surgery but no idea when or what I'm actually having done so feel like I can't plan to do anything just incase it clashes and I also have 3 small children so wouldn't want to let them down. Not sure if itl be the same for you but my GP surgery told me I would probably receive my results before they did but then by chance the hospital rang me the same afternoon. I bet they spend half their day answering the phone to worried ladies so don't worry about giving them a call. 

Good luck


Poor you yes call hospital Monday it's really hard to plan things isn't it, my othee half is taking me to egypt in November and I keep thinking what if I need another colposcopy or biopsies etc or another lletz my mind going crazy to so you having to wait this long must be making you wonder I hope you get the resukts really quickly lovely x

Hi Disey,

I had a colposcopy/biopsy and didn't get my results (CIN3) until I attended my LLETZ appointment 5-6 weeks later.

My LLETZ results took 3 weeks and I was then called to advise that early stage CC had been found within the tissue removed at my LLETZ. It's rare that it wouldn't have been picked up by the biopsy though, mine was really tiny which is why I think. it seems like if there is CC, the majority of the time it's picked up at the colposcopy/biopsy, not actually after treatment.

i hope that helps


Also, if you do need treatment they will ask you whether you have any holidays book and work around that date wise for you. If it's CIN (at any level) then it's able to wait and if it is CC then is such a slowly developing disease that it's likely you'd wait a month or so for your op date anyway that it would be after any holidays you've mentioned. But, the likelihood is that it will be CIN so please try not to worry xxx

That's interesting to hear Sophie, the cancer was obviously so minimal for you that's why the biopsy didn't pick it up.   I'm glad it gone for you must be a massive relief 

I just want the biopsy result and to know where all this is going eh 

Our minds really do take us to dark places with all this don't they - especially late at night.   

Yeah, it was 1a1 so at the easiest possible stage and in the glandular cells so harder to spot than the more common kind. From what I can see though it's not very often that it gets to the treatment stage before it's noticed so I'm not really an example to worry about. :) It is hard though, I was a nervous wreck from when I got the smear results letter so I know how you feel. hopefully you'll get your results soon and then you can put this all behind you! in the mean time, this forum will give you as much support as we can xxx

Hope u get to hear something tomorrow so u can book your trip to chessington!!!

fingers crossed

xxx dons

Hi I’m new here I’m a RN 36 years old, no children been in a relationship 12 years had abnormal Pap smear  on 3-15-19 they said severe dysphasia had colposcopy done 4-1-19. 4 biopsies done. Said to receive my results in 7 days. Very anxious awaiting results.