Appointment after loop excision

Hi Everyone,

I'm hoping someone may have been through a similar experience and may be able to offer some advice/guidance. 

Basically, I've been under the colposcopy unit at my local hospital for about 18months now. My first visit outlined some borderline changes and they did a punch biopsy which they were happy with and I was issued with an appointment for a 12month check up. 

I've since been for that appointment where they had a look and did a smear, but thought everything looked ok. So, imagine my surprise when I got a letter to tell me I had CIN3 and that I would need treatment. 


Just over 2 weeks ago I had a loop excision at the colposcopy clinic and I was told that they'd see me again in 6months time for a follow up. I've not had be best recovery so far and ended up going to see my GP who confirmed I had a slight infection and gave me some antibiotics. That said, I'm feeling much better now. 


This morning however, I received a letter to say that I have an appointment with a Gynaecologist on the 23rd October. No reason as to why, and no results from the loop excision either.


Unfortunately, it's Saturday so although I've phoned the hospital there's no one there until Monday that I can speak to. I've left a message with the senior nurse who did my loop excision so I'm hoping she gets in touch first thing. 


In the meantime, I'm tying myself in knots with worry as to what on earth they want to see me for. Throughout this whole process I've been astounded by the lack on information on these letters, and the fact I have to ring round and chase up for information. 


Has anyone else been called in to see a gynaecologist after a loop excision? Could it just be a formality? Monday can't come quick enough so I can actually speak to someone. 







Hi Laura,

I swear these letters ALWAYS arrive on a Saturday! So sorry you find yourself in this position.

my experience has been that they like to tell us everything face to face. Therefore, I would think that your appointment is to tell you the results from your lletz, your histology. the fact that they have sent you an appointment for this is nothing to worry about, it's just how they do it! I have yet to receive anything other than an appointment in the post. 

I would think that something would have been said to you by now if they had found anything more than the original diagnosis. 

Try not to worry, it all sounds like normal procedure to me.

hugs, Molly xx

Hi Laura, it may be that the results from the loop don't match up with what was seen at colposcopy, or could also be that the margins for the CIN3 were not clear, in which case they may need to repeat the treatment. xxx

Hi Molly,

Thanks for your reply, it's made me feel better!  

These random appointment letters seem to be a theme across all the forums!

Thanks again,

Laura xx


If the results don't match up, is this unusual?


After my loop, I was just told I'd be seen again in six months, there was no mention that there was a possibility I'd have to return sooner. I think this is why the letter has thrown me so much. 


Laura xx

Hi ladies,


Just to let you know, I phoned the hospital and the appointment was sent to me in error!  My loop was a success with some healthy tissue around the CIN3 ones, so they are happy they got it all. Return in 6months for a smear. 


I am unbelievable relieved, but also angry as this is the 5th time now the hospital have cocked up my appointments and caused me unnecessary worry. Suppose it just goes to show it pays to speak to someone. 


Laura xx 

Oh god Laura you poor thing having to go through the worry only to find out it was an error!!

You must be utterly relieved. Very happy that your loop was a success. Stay healthy xxx