Second colposcopy 8 weeks after 4th one??

Hi all

I'm trying not to over-stress but I have received a letter informing me I need to return for a further colposcopy which is effective 8 weeks after my last one (appt a couple of weeks ago).No results information at all so I am now worrying there has been further problems identified....Usually I have a results letter about 3/4 weeks after the colposcopy stating mild changes etc etc. Has anyone else been recalled within this timescale for just routine followup? Thanks Mia x

Hi, I don't have an answer but today I am going for my second one after having one only 4 months ago. 

I hope all goes well with you xxx

Hope it went well for you today SammieScarlett.

Perhaps you could check with your GP or the colposcopy unit miamia? Give them a call and just say youre curious as to why you're having one so soon.

I had my first on Monday and loop incisions (CIN3) - results expected in 2-3 weeks.