Confirmed diagnosis

Well went for the result of my loop today to be told that as I suspected I have cervical cancer, I’m having my MRI tomorrow and then an appointment with the consultant on Tuesday after their MDT on Monday, the consultant wouldn’t tell me much as he kept saying it’s just a biopsy that he had carried out and he was unable to tell me the staging, an they can give me more answers on Tuesday to my treatment options, but then that needs confirming with Sheffield as they will take over my care.
Not sure how I feel right now about it all, I had prepared myself for the diagnosis so it wasn’t a shock, as for treatment I have resigned myself to a hysterectomy or radiotherapy it’s just a question which. Think I just need the answer to that to be able to prepare myself mentally to move forward.

Dawn x

Hi dawn I am in a similar situation to you but my process is going much slower than yours! I was told on Feb 23rd that my lletz had come back with cc so had MRI and ct scan on March 6th but got to wait till march 15th for my mdt meeting and have no clue what's going to happen then! A hysterectomy was mentioned the day I was told about my cc but since then absolutely nothing I feel like I've been given my diagnosis and then forgotten about..the waiting is just you I know it's either going to be a hysterecto or chemorad but would just like to have it straight in my head so I can move on a little.

wishing you luck in your journey

kay xx

Morning Kay,  sorry we have to meet under such circumstances but I think on this forum there is plenty of support so we have come to the right place. I must admit I have been seen very quickly, I think that's down to how they found the lump at my ERPC, my antenatal consultant is now my gyny consultant an he thinks I have been through enough without having to wait around, it seems we will both have an idea by end of next week to how our future is gonna pan out, sending u cyber hug an if u need a rant about it all just holler as it seems we gonna be in the same place a the same time on this journey, good luck DX 

Hello Dawn and Kay,

so right now.... you are in total limbo, trying to accept the diagnosis yet not really knowing where you stand for treatment. Waiting is the absolute worst part as all you can do is speculate. 

Regardless of stage please know that cc is very curable and both treatments of either surgury or chemorad is doable. Do try to stay positive and not think the worst. 

The best thing to do is stay busy or distracted. Try not to let the emotions completely take over logic and make sure you sleep! As a rested mind is a logical one. Many ladies are here to help you both along your journey through this.

as soon as you know what your treatment plan will be it will be easier to mentally prepare. Focus on the facts, eat well, sleep and ask any questions you might have.

Big hugs to both of you 

Hello Dawn, and Kay again of course :-)

Once more Lolli has pipped me to the post so I just wanted to agree and say that the whole experience becomes so much easier once you have been told your treatment plan. I know it's all a bit antsy right now, but in the grand scheme of things the wait isn't really too terribly long. Just try to focus on the fact that whatever stage you are at, it's really curable. Bottom line is, it has been found and it will be fixed :-)

Be lucky :-)

An update on my meeting today, the MRI wasn't very clear so I have to go for a CT scan as it looks like there is lymph node involvement and also it could of spread out of the cervix, so it looks like I'm at stage 2. Been told it will be radiotherapy treatment, but that will be confirmed once Sheffield MDT meet on Monday an they have my CT scans back to confirm it has spread. Still struggling to get my head round after 10 years of smears an a colposcopy last April that I am here at stage 2 even consultant hasn't seen anyone like me before, so on to the next stage of this journey xx

Hi MrsP

I'm a 2b girl and the radiation and chemo is not as bad as you are thinking it's going to be. Most of us get through it with minimal issues.

I have always had clear smears and had three within the year prior to my diagnosis. One after removing an iud to have another baby,1 during first exam after I got pregnant and 1 more after baby to get another iud. My tumour was hiding up further on my cervix not at the opening so that's why it never showed up on my smear. It was by luck my dr noticed an area that looked suspicious when he had to manipulate my tilited uterus to enable the insertion of an Iud. He thought I would be a stage 1b1 but after MRI and ct it was determined I had spread into the parametria.

The crazy thing was we decided to have a baby.  My kids are 19,14 and 16 mths. Big gap!! my last saved my life as I had no symptoms and if it wasn't for that decision to have him I would have went another 3 years before I was due. Life is crazy. 

Im 41 and I handled the treatment fairly well. Stay positive. You can do this!! I drive myself everyday an hour there and back. There is also many ladies who were staged even higher and did the same. You got this! Keep your chin up. 


Thank you lolli, u have no idea how similar our stories are, my boys are 23 and 11 an I decided to have another baby after a colposcopy last April gave me the all clear to go into 3 yearly smears, everything was good until I went for my 13 week scan an there was no heartbeat I insisted on an erpc and it was the surgeon who noticed a small nodule on my cervix and referred me to the colposcopy clinic, everything happens for a reason and seems the answers are right in front of me now which is making the miscarriage easier to handle. 

U r very strong and u appreciate u taking time out to tell me about ur journey, it definitely giving me hope an strength to get over this, thank you


Dawn x

Hello MrsP

im so sorry to hear about your misscarriage but as life throws us pain there is usually something that can come out of that pain, either a lesson, a reason or something to share with others in need. 

During treatment I would look for the smallest of things to stay positive, to help me bear the burden of what a cancer diagnosis does to you mentally. A sort of therapy to cope and give me strength. Some days it would be the sun in my face during my drive, how warm it felt. Some days it was the kindness of a stranger at the clinic. I embraced my experience even when I felt crappy and tired so that I would come out on the other end happy. So that I could take as much as I could from a terrible thing. This kind of additude towards my cancer has still affected me and my life is sooo much better. I appreciate the smallest of things more, I don't get so irritated as easily. Overall, life after treatment is better then it ever was. I'm still finding the new me and I have some issues with small things but mentally I'm in a better place. 

Find what you need in all of this, find what you were missing and allow this cancer to transform your life. Physically you will change but the mental part will be up to you  ...... 



Hi Mrsp

i don't usually come on this side as lolli and tivoli usually answer everybody and they are both so excellent at advice and putting people's minds at rest 

I was reading your post and noticed you mentioned Sheffield I had my chemo rads at Weston park the nurses there are lovely it's an amazing place they will talk you through all the treatment and help you along the way with any medication you need it is doable and curable 

stay strong 


onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx