Diagnosed This Week

Hi, I was told last Monday that I had CC. The shock was awful as I guess everyones is.  The consultant said I had stage 1b1 - is this possible to tell before the MRI?  I have my MRI on Monday and must admit I'm pretty scared as I'm claustrophobic.  My GP has given me 3 2mg diazepam so I'm hoping they work!

The consultant did mention a hysterectomy so I'm hoping it doesn't get any worse than that.  I'm not great with hospitals and just want to get this sorted.  I was told last Monday the op would probably be about 4 weeks as the surgeon was on holiday for 2 weeks and was fully booked for the 2 weeks after that.  Yes, the waiting is awful as everyone else says.

Discovered this website when I was going for the colposcopy and think the advice and support is wonderful.  Have a feeling I shall be using it a lot.  Would be grateful for any advice and support sent my way!

Hi Cheryl
I’m sorry you’ve had to join us on here :frowning: I hope you’re getting on ok? How did your MRI go? … Noisy thing isn’t it!
The waiting really is the worst part… But weirdly your treatment plan and treatment will be here before you know it to!
Try to keep yourself busy seeing the people you love and doing the things you like. I look back on the waiting time now and I actually really enjoyed myself! And I had a great support network and this helped so much during my recovery!

Take care

Em xx

Hi Em,

Many thanks for your post and great advice.  Finding it really hard to think of anything else at the moment.  I'm better at work where I have to think of other stuff but it's awful during the evenings at home.  Hubby is great but just wish I had some family and friends round me at these times.  Really scared of what's ahead but guess all of the lovely ladies on this site have felt the same. 

So pleased to read your bit that says 'all clear' - brilliant for you and it gives me hope.


I don’t think you’d be normal if you weren’t scared! I was petrified!! but these ladies on here helped me alot… And reassured me through the whole thing! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask or post on here!
I worked right up until the week before my surgery… And yes it keep me nice and busy! (Aside from needing the money!)

Take care
Em x