Cone biopsy discharge


I know not many people have the cone biopsy carried out, but I was just wondering how long after the procedure people still had discharge and cramping.

I had my op just over 5 weeks ago, and I had the expected cramping and discharge.
I’ve since had my normal cycle (although a couple of days earlier) and then I went to no unusual discharge. Since last week of an evening I had a very light discharge of fresh blood, this was minimal and not every night, then for the last 3 days I have had more discharge than normal and a brown colour (old blood), as well as the odd bit of crapping.

Is this normal to still experiencing this discharge this amount of time after the procedure? I’m aware everyone is different, but prior to this I have never had this sort of discharge between cycles.

I also had the cone biopsy done and did have some abnormal amount of discharge weeks later. I ended up with a bacterial infection so I might be worth getting checked out!

Thanks for your reply, I had been away for a few days when this all started and a week later I’m still having the discharge, but also have signs of fresh blood.
I’m trying to get this looked into but just feel like no one medically is that worried.
Did you have any issues in being seen?

I contacted the consultants secretary who advised me I need to go to my GP - which I find a bit strange when I am still under the consultant and they are happy to see me in January (6months after my procedure), yet I would have thought they would have more knowledge in knowing if there is an issue.
Managed to have a telephone consultation with a doctor today to be told it’s likely I have an infection and has prescribed me antibiotics.
I just don’t see how they can confirm it as an infection without seeing me or taking a swab, plus I thought your not meant to take antibiotics if you don’t have an infection!

Just feeling like it’s not being taken seriously, and there is not enough information and support out there with this.
Sorry think I just needed to rant!