Infection after cone biopsy?

Hey everyone. I had a cone biopsy done may 19th, so almost three weeks ago.. I had a lot of watery discharge which has stopped for the most part but I've been noticing a cramp like feeling in my pelvic area, advil hasn't really helped me  and the discharge has turned a yellowish color.  I have yet to have my gynecologist call me with the results, I did call my GPS office and talked to I think a drs aid and she prescribed antibiotics for what she thinks is a bacterial infection.. I havent had a fever or anything but I'm a little scared that she either isn't understanding what I was trying to say or didnt really care about me being concerned about my cervix having an infection..  has anyone else had an infection after this treatment? If so, what did your drs do etc?


Hope everyone is well and I appreciate any feed back! Much love xo