Cone biopsy healing question!!!

Hey everyone. It’s been a week since my cone biopsy. I also had my period immediately following the procedure so I was sort of heavy. Now it’s just light bleeding but when I use the bathroom, sometimes it looks like tissue in the toilet? Not big pieces. But is this normal?? Help!


I've had two cone biopsies and for me I had 5-6 weeks of discharge including some very black looking stuff. It gradually gets less so I'm sure it's nothing too much to worry about.

I've learnt the best way to find out if you are still worried is the ring the Colposcopy unit as they are used to answering questions like this all the time.

It's hard when you can't see if something has healed and its all so new, scary and strange. 

The only other advice I would give is avoid sex for at least 6 weeks and give yourself time to heal.

Hope you feel better soon x

Thank you!! It's starting to lessen and only slight cramping here and there, almost like when I'm ovulating. Very light bleeding though. Thanks for ur reply!