Cone Bioposy Done & awaiting results - Not dealing well

Hi Everyone,

I had my cone Bioposy & hysterscopy done last week under general anaesthetic. 

I know this is a big cliche, but I didn't expect to feel like this afterwards. 

Once I came round from GA I felt ok, managed to eat, drink, walk around, get dressed etc with no problems. I was out of hospital well within the 2 hours and felt fine in the evening. 

The surgeon told me that they had removed a "substantial chunk" of my cervix, and taken samples from llining of my womb for testing. They said they'd write to me with the results within 2 weeks.

The next day I was shattered. Really lethargic, could hardly get out of bed. Also really, really, really emotional - I spent an hour locked in the bathroom just crying and crying. Ever since then I've been on a bit of a rollercoaster, I am always exhausted, sometimes I feel ok and othertimes I feel depressed or angry or very upset - it is making me feel crazy!

I don't think it helps that it was my birthday last week - I didn't mind not doing anything special to celebrate, but it was hard to be so miserable on a day when I "should" be feeling happy. 

I just want to have the results of the biopsy and know where I stand, as usual with me, the uncertainty is doing my head in. 


On the physical side of things, I've started getting sharp, darty, early period type pains in my abdomen as well as a deep, dull ache in my pelvis, hip sockets and lower back. sometimes the two seem to merge and I get the sharp period-type pain just over to the left side (sounds weird, but feels like its my left ovary ) and the dull ache is all in left hip.

I'm also noticing bloating, but not all the time, it can literally appear out of nowhere and it's so uncomfortable when it does.  Has anyone got a good remedy for it? 


Im usually a very active person, but I feel as though I've been knocked for six by this operation. I'm going for a short walk every day, the day after the op I went to the post office 10 mins from my house and fainted in the queue. since then I've been managing a slightly longer walk every day, but I come home covered in cold sweat and having to lie down for about an hour until I feel better. That is not helping my mental state either!

I am having a really tough time emotionally getting over this, I feel like a baby for being so upset but I can't help it! 

Amy tips, strategies or techniques you lovely ladies can recommend would be gratefully received!


Dasha x

I fully understand I had cone op 4.5 weeks ago I had bad period like pains and was very painful to walk I only walked around the house for about 6 days when I did go out just walked around the block I was so tired and in even more pain I was panicking as it was my daughters 18th bday 9 days after it I really did not think I was going to make the celebration I put a brave face on and went out for the planned meal it was uplifting did me the world of good trouble was I thought things are back to normal went out shopping and stuff that weekend I promised her we go Trafford centre couple of days later to spend her cash big mistake I was a mess then back in bed for two days again after that I took things easier slept when my body was saying tired or just rested boring as it is I am now all back to normal it was the first two weeks was the worst but I think if I took things a little slower in the first place then maybe things may not been as bad I hope I have helped pls take things easy good luck with results n pls let me know how you get  big hugs xxx

Hi Dasha,

The GA will really knock you for six, even if you go home that day. It usually takes a good two weeks for it to leave your system and you’ll feel much better then. It’s also well documented that it can leave you feeling rather emotional too, so perhaps this combined with the added stress of waiting for your results.

GA makes me feel so so drained, going up and down the stairs was difficult after my lletz under GA for a week or so.

I hope you feel better soon, remember to go easy on yourself and rest up.

Good luck for your results, xx

Hi Dasha,

I only had LA for my LEETZ but I felt off colour for 2-3 days afterwards. For the bloating - I'm not sure how you feel about herbal teas (some people hate them, and I don't like fruity ones) but peppermint and fennel tea always help me when I'm bloated. I also find peppermint tea alternately quite calming or if I'm a bit sleepy because it's so fresh it perks me up too :) You can go posh and get twinings which is about £1.20 for 20 bags, or I know morrisons do peppermint (not sure about fennel) 40 bags for £1 (I have some in my drawer at work!) otherwise Holland and Barrett do loads of herbal teas for reasonable prices. 

x x x 


I think sometimes we concentrate so much on the physcial side of things in recovery, we all forgot what an emotional strain all this can be. You've had to deal with an abnormal result which is always scary anyway and than a quite invasive procedure. When I had my LLETZ I felt ok physically afterwards but emotionally I was so drained and teary, I think it can just all get on top of you.

Dont be too hard on yourself and gather your friends/family around if you need them. 

Good luck with your results! 

I also seem to feel cervical pain on my left side rather than in the middle as well - random


Thank you so much ladies, I really appreciate your advice both on how to deal with the physical and emotional after-effects of the surgery.

I'm finding that the bloating is a little better today, but the pain is a bit worse and I have started showing more blood today than the last 6 days combined. I'm not sure if this is the start of my period a few days early (if this was a normal month, my period would be due on 2nd-3rd August) or if it's a side effect of the cone. I heard that bleeding starts about a week after cone bioposy.

I have to go to my GP tomorrow to get a medical certificate to excuse me from work for another week, I was feeling a bit guilty about this before but I think that it is better to take it slowly and make sure I fully recover. I'm also hoping that they might have received some more information from the hospital that they can share with me.

The deep ache in my hip and pelvis is still there today, has anyone else had that and know how to relieve it? 


Hi Dasha,

I had my cone biopsy under GA in April for squamous cell carcinoma. I know what you mean about feeling guilty for having time off work, I'm not very go at being 'unwell' and was determined to get back to work as soon as possible. I went back to work the week later despite still having pains similar to the ones you describe. I thought I was fine but a couple of days later I ended up in a&e after suffering an enormous bleed. I'm a nurse so I'm not easily scared but this really was a terrifying amount of blood!

I was fine after a night in hospital and I was given medicine to stop the bleeding. So - please don't feel guilty for having time off work!! It's so important to rest and give your body time to heal properly.

I felt the effects of the GA for a good few days after my op and also felt really weepy and emotional, I think it's a combination of the anaesthetic and also the nature of the procedure. I suffered cramps and pains for a good few weeks - nothing unbarable but I think I was just very aware of every little ache and pain and worried about them all. 

Waiting for the results from my op was agonising and my oncology nurse actually went off sick and nobody could give me any information for weeks, so fingers crossed you don't have to wait as long as I did.

I hope you're feeling as well as can be. I haven't spoke to anyone on here who's had a cone biopsy before I thought I was the only one!