Colposcopys and Biopsies

Hi everyone,

I just had a general question and was looking for some advice or maybe other women who are feeling the same. I have quite a complicated history which means that for the last 4 years or so, every six months or sometimes more, I have been having a colposcopy where they take biopsies too. 
Recently I have begun to get really tired by the whole thing and it is affecting me sexually. I don't have much of a libido and I've stopped viewing my vagina as a source of pleasure more of a source of problems.

I know I am really lucky and the situation could be much worse. I'm absolutely not feeling sorry for myself.  I just wanted to see if there were any other women on here feeling similar? I don't have any friends who have been through anything like it.

thank you 



Yes I can definitely relate to that. I started having abnormal smears in 2012. Ive since had 2 lletz and a cone biopsy, cin3 and early cancer removed and regular smears and colposcopies at the hospital. I got infections after 2 of the surgeries and hemmoraged. It has completely changed how I think of things down there. Having so many issues, being messed around with and the anxiety its caused pretty much wiped out my sex drive. I have a long term partner so I try but I find myself thinking about hpv and worrying im doing harm and would just rather leave it well alone most of the time.

Really relate to this. I started experiencing low sex drive in 2015 after painful sex and bleeding after sex. I was told the bleeding was due to cervical ectropion. I had two ultrasounds and a smear both of which did not indicate any physical cause for my pain so it was put down to being psychological. I was referred for a psychosexual therapy which did help with the pain and I had no issues for a couple of years... until now. I received my abnormal smear results, with my colposcopy coming up soon and I've gone right back to square one. Back to associating sex with pain and worry. It's comforting to know that others have experienced the same feelings, I've felt alone in this for years! 

I'm relieved but also saddened there are others like me. @libby123 I'm exactly the same regarding HPV, they say it is transmitted via sex but don't recommending using condoms (or at least haven't to me) so I'm left very confused. 
@Br91 thank you for replying. I too have experienced pain during sex and a cervical ectropian. There is not much support for women going through this and I actually think it's all quite traumatic, given how important and powerful this area of our body is. I had a bad experience with a procedure where they left a piece of surgical gauze inside me so I think this plays on my mind too. Anyway wishing you all well and hoping we get our spark back!