25 yo, abnormal first smear... wondering what this means for me



I've just today had a colposcopy done and a biopsy taken after my first smear test showed mild changes (the low grade type) and that I have HPV. I'm waiting on the results.

I was just wondering if anyone has any insight into living a normal life while knowing this is going on in your body. I feel like I have a ticking time bomb inside of me that while it may not be serious now, the likelihood is that as time goes on it will get worse? I've been reading people's stories on this forum about getting treatment and then afterwards it comes back...  


I want to have children someday and I'm getting quite down on myself that my previous sexual behaviour has meant that I have this virus that at any point in my life now can turn into cancer. I used to smoke from age 16 until the day I recieved my smear test results letter and I also can't stop thinking about that aswell and how reckless and stupid I've been with my health. A part of me wishes I could just get my cervix removed so I don't have to live constantly worrying about this.


Any reassurance or advice appreciated,

 Cheers :)

I am not going to lie to you but it won't feel any easier hun until those results.

I know 1000% how you feel as I felt the same.

Make some good life choices eg no smoking, healthy diet etc

Have someone to talk to and book a GP app post results as you will need the full answers.

The biggest critism I have of the whole system is the lack of full clinical information about your body.

Let us know how things go x