I would like to say a huge thank you to all the ladies who have posted on here. I recieved a letter for a colposcopy after a smear test and a positive HPV result and I was absolutely terrified.  I read lots of accounts on here that have helped me understand more and to put my mind at rest a little (my doctor was not very helpful when I asked for more info!). I had my colposcopy last wednesday which also entailed a LLETZ treatment and a biopsy. The doctor and nurses were fantastic. I had very little bleeding/discharge and mild cramps but yesterday started bleeding really heavy.  Im sure its my period (im not very regular and am normally heavy) but I was up 4 times in the night to change my sanitary towel. I was relieved to read that the first period can be heavier than normal as I was worried about an infection but luckily I have no symptoms other than the bleeding. I should get my results in the next few weeks and I am obviously very nervous of the out come.

Hope everything goes okay with your results x

Thank you xxx


Oh good for you - fingers crossed for your results. I was terrified too - I can't bear thinking about how terrified I was!. I feel so much better now partly thanks to the lovely people here, but knowing our experiences are helping you cope is also uplifting.

Thank you cagney

I dont know how I would have coped without reading about other ladies experiences.  Its nice to know that Im not alone and I feel very inspired by what everyone is going through and how they are coping. I hope you are well xxx