Confused and a little sore :(

I had my first colposcopy on Friday. Two work colleagues said when they went it was a quick in and out. I was expecting the same. They tried a small clamp then after so long said she needed a bigger one. She tried the biggest to which I couldn’t do. omg it hurt too much so luckily we settled for a medium. They showed me the screen and everywhere was peppered with white. Then she numbed inside and used the biggest metal loop thing to burn or seal the wound? I don’t know why but I was shaking so bad. when I stood up blood gushed down my legs. The team there were lovely and gave me a leaflet to go with. I didn’t ask anything I just wanted to get out. I actually cried when I got outside which is so not like me :frowning: I’ve got to wait 3-4 weeks then she said I would either go bk to hospital or see GP. I’m just confused as I thought I’d get a letter with results and that’s it. Also do you think they removed all of the abnormal cells and that’s why I bled so much? they did take a bio too. sure they said 22mm or something. sorry I was just so dazed my the whole thing I didn’t ask anything :frowning: xx


sorry to hear the colpscopy was difficult. was it a biopsy or did they treat you at the same time? LLETZ procedure

I had a 2nd LLETZ which was painful, think it's made much worse by anxiety. my legs were shaking too, the nurse said it can be due to the injection to numb. I bleed like a period for a week then horrible black discharge for another week. I'm sure if they have seen abnormal cells they would of removed them all, they don't want to have to repeat the procedure if they don't want to.

how u feeling now? Waiting for results is so hard.

Hi there, Im feeling better than I was thank you. Still bleeding/cramps and feeling a bit emotional. Not sure why as I am feeling quiet positive over result but guess the experience has knocked me and there is a slight doubt of "what if" it comes back and I have to have more treatment. Reading up I did have the LLETZ and bio. Think they might have explained this to me but I was too distressed I think to take anything in. Know there was a metal loop thing and they said they were going to burn inside and had to numb me.

You are right about the anxiety. I found it quiet hard to relax. The lady told me to wriggle my toes to stop the shaking and for some reason it did work slightly. I just cant wait for the results and to be able to put it behind me. It just shows though, I mentioned it to another friend of a similar age in work today and she has also had exactly what I did. She found it painful too. Cant believe its so common x