Hi I’m new to the forum, just feeling really confused and worried. 4 years ago my smear came back as hpv positive and borderline referred to colposcopy had it done all was well and put on yearly smears last two came back as hpv positive , this years came back as hpv positive and borderline cells so was sent back to colposcopy on Thursday I was expecting it to be quick and simple however a biopsy was taken ? Why would they do a biopsy with a borderline result should I be worried that something more has been seen. 


I believe they do this a lot to make sure the results are correct from what they’ve seen on the screen and from the original smear. 

I had a colposcopy on Tuesday and biopsy and waiting on results. From the screen the nurse said everything seemed ok it’s not cancer and HPV has improved since my smear how ever she wants to see what CIN it is to see if I need some cells removing x

That makes me relax a bit more , it only had me so worried because the doctor didn’t say anything other than she was going to do a biopsy then afterwards just said I’d get results in 4 -6 weeks. I should have asked questions really but my mind just went blank.

I was the exact same, I asked one question and I didn’t like the nurses attitude to my question so I left it as that. 

Soon as I get my results i‘m going to make an appointment with my doctor to go through it all as there’s so many concerns x