Biopsy results

Hi everyone,


I was just wondering if anyone could share how long they waited on results from a biopsy taken from a colposcopy?

I had my appointment on Thursday 17th May so almost 10 weeks ago and still heard nothing. Ive contacted my GP but as yet nothing on my file. Also contacted the clinic itself to be told the Dr who i saw that day was on holiday but she'd get the doctor on clinic that day to look and call me back... no phone call.

Im at my wits end, really getting me down.

Wow it should only taken around 4-6 weeks for your results 

I had my colposcopy yesterday and they said results within 4 weeks but I’ve seen some on here got told 6 weeks. Keep ringing them x

I got my results in 4 days!! 10 weeks, I can't imagine. That is just cruel... I would just keep calling. This is your health.. 10 weeks is just unacceptable in my opinion. 

Hello Nicdoo, 

I was waiting about 3 weeks for my biospy results. Keep chasing. The waiting is the worst part! 

Stay strong xx


Hi I’m new to the forum, just feeling really confused and worried. 4 years ago my smear came back as hpv positive and borderline referred to colposcopy had it done all was well and put on yearly smears last two came back as hpv positive , this years came back as hpv positive and borderline cells so was sent back to colposcopy on Thursday I was expecting it to be quick and simple however a biopsy was taken ? Why would they do a biopsy with a borderline result should I be worried that something more has been seen. 

Thanks guys, i finally heard back after 12 weeks - thankfully not cancer but have to have treatment. My appointment is on thursday.