Biopsy Results

Hi Everyone,

I wonder if anyone can help me, I am starting to go mad worrying about my biopsy results.

I had my colposcopy & biopsy taken on 23.12.16, and still haven’t had any results back. How long did you all wait before you heard anything?

I have tried calling my Dr’s surgery and they say the hospital hasn’t sent them anything yet, and that I could call the gynae clinic at the hospital. However, when I call the clinic it just rings out!


Where do you live? I live in the US and got my results in about a week, but have friends who do not get them until 3-4 weeks. 

It'll be 4 weeks on Wednesday since my colposcopy...anxiously waiting for those results too. I was told between 3-6 weeks :( can't stand waiting anymore. Hoping that as it's not sent out high priority that it's good news. Won't feel good until my next smear in 5 months though :(

I live in UK, I persisted with calling the hospital and found out today that my biopsy came back clear and can go back to smears every 3 years. Such a relief, I hope your results come back soon, the not knowing is awful. 


I had my colposcopy on 15th December. It was discussed at an MDT on the 10th January. I waited 6 weeks and called the colposcopy clinic who told me over the phone. I had my letter today (8 weeks later!)

Hope you're not waiting too long