colposcopy results

hiya im due to have my colposcopy on Friday 7th april and I was just wondering how long people in the UK waited for results. I know for people in the US things work differently.

Also, when you have the colposcopy are they allowed to tell you what they can see? like if they can see abnormal cells or if they think its cancer etc are they allowed to tell you? Because I would rather know than have to keep playing this waiting game, its driving me mad x

Hi, I ended up going private for my colposcopy as I couldn't handle the wait! It took around one week for results but I believe on the NHS it can take around 4-6 weeks. 

When you have the colposcopy they can sometimes tell you what they think it is but will normally need to do a biopsy to confirm this. However, you should have a good idea of what the situation is from your initial abnormal smear?

Sorry to hear you are going through this, its no fun at all. Try not to worry- the worry is worse than the colposcopy for sure!

G x

Hi, they usually have a good idea of what they can see and will tell you usually what it is, they will usually take a biopsy to confirm the severity of abnormalities and sometimes can treat you there and then, my doctor is pretty certain i have CIN 3 (high grade diskaryosis) but cannot treat me until i have my baby, currently pregnant at the moment but they dont seem to concerned and have told me its safe to have my baby, cell changes take a long time to develop and thats even if it does turn into anything sinister, results from biopsy usually take 6 weeks so im told, good luck x

Hiya, I had my colposcopy on Monday and had a small biopsy taken. I was advised I would find out the results within 2-3 weeks, I'm not sure if it varies depending what hospital you are at? I was asked if I wanted to look at the screen to see what was going on but i chose not too. For some people it might be helpful to though. I asked the consultant if I should be worried, I can't remember if he said yes or no but he said I have a tiny erosion which would be something or could be nothing but it's small either way. Hope all goes well x

thanks for your replies, i didnt have an abnormal smear, my last smear was in 2015, i went to the gp with abnormal bleeding and when she examined me she said she didnt want to worry me but i need to be referred as my cervix isnt looking as healthy as it should, thats all i know at the moment until the colposcopy on friday x