how long did everyone wait????

Hi everyone!! 

I stumbled across this amazing forum after getting my abnormal smear results. I had a colposcopy done on 18th sept and im still awaiting results! How long did everyone wait for theirs? Im trying not to think about it but inside im worried. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks xxxxx



waiting is one of the biggest difficulties we all face! 

my biopsy results from colposcopy were back with me in 12 days but from what iv read on here it can be anywhere from a matter of days to 6-8 weeks! 

You can always give them a call though, most of us have ended up calling at some point so they will be well used to it. 



Thank you for your reply!! I think I will call them just to put my mind at rest. This is definitely the most difficult part! Hopefully no news is good news! Xxx

I can only say about my personal experience but from a lot on here, they end up ringing and the results are there although a lot of clinics won't say over the phone but I think the call maybe hurries them along abit. But honestly they won't mind you calling. We all do at some point! 

Keep us posted 


Thanks hun. I'm going to see what the mail man brings in a bit if nothing then I shall call them. Will keep you updated. Thanks for your supporrt! Xxx


I am like you waiting for results of the biopsies taken at my colposcopy - which was 16th Sept so a couple days before you

My hospital said it could take 4 weeks but having read other posts it does seem you hear quite quickly if they find something bad .....well at least thats how I am viewing it at the moment so putting a positive spin on the delay in waiting for results !!

Did your doctor make any comments at the Colposcopy.  Mine did say that it looked "moderate" and I tell you I am clinging to that word moderate like a life boat at the moment.  Although my smear result did say High grade dyskaryosis.

Hate the blummin waiting .....I am eating far too much chocolate at the moment with the stress of it all Wink



Hi Annie,

The waiting is just awful, I phoned every week as I was getting fed up of stalking the postman. On week 6 I finally got to speak to somebody who gave me my results. If your worried just phone, sometimes the results are just waiting for someone to type up. Hope you hear soon hun and all is ok xxx

Thanks for the replies ladies. 

Disey all she said was that they looked like aggressive cellsand I would recieve my results in the post! Her assistant pulled a really concerned face during the colposcapy which is making me worry even more! Like you my smear results said high grade dyskarosis and with symptoms I have been having since march my ming is in overdrive! I am a worrier and not kbowing is just making me worse!! I did call today but only got an answering machine so left a message. Hopefully I will hear soon xx

Hi ladies!!

Thought I would give you all an update. I called the colposcapy clinic to see if they had my results. They have my got them yet and said it takes 4-6 weeks. They said once they recieve my results then they will write to me or call me with thier findings. Next Wednesday will be 4 weeks since my lletz so not long to wait now. I feel better knowing that and I also want to say thankyou ladiea for your replies and support! Its great to know I can chat on here as my hubby just gwts atressed and tells me to atop worrying about it! (Which means he is just as worried as me!) Xxxxx


the longer it takes, the better. Also, if you get a letter that's better. Mine was a phone call to see the consultant after 2wks 3 days.

im glad ur feeling a but better. Try to get hubbie to talk, or get him reading a few posts on here so he has a better understanding (my husband does and finds it really helpful). Keep urself busy. Fingers crossed 

xxx dons