Waiting for biopsy results from colposcopy. Terrified!

It’s been nearly 4 weeks since I had my colposcopy. I know the typical waiting time is 4-8 weeks. How long did you have to wait for your results?

I went from having HPV/normal cells in Dec 2020 to HPV/borderline changes in Dec 2021. They took 2 biopsies. I have bad health anxiety, so this has been occupying my mind!

Thanks in advance for replies, hope you are all well xxxx


I had my first colposcopy recently where they took some biopsies. I go back Friday for results, so from my test till results is 2 weeks, but it might just depend on the area you live. I went from being clear of everything 3/4 years ago to HPV positive and abnormal changes. Try not to worry about it, as by reading loads of things here and speaking to my friend who is a GP says this can be normal for a lot of woman. So try not to overthink it x

Hey Sarah. I also am in the waiting game. I had my colposcopy last Monday so 1 week today. I suffer with terrible health anxiety of which I have had CBT and medication for. I keep thinking every ache and pain is cervical cancer. My smear results came back as low grade dyskarosis but at the colposcopy they said they think it’s severe cell changes but biopsy will confirm. You are not alone.

Hi Sarah, I had my colposcopy and biopsy 3 weeks ago after having borderline cells and HPV on my smear. I just got the results back - CIN1 & 2 changes, I’ll be treated with LLETZ treatment in just under 3 weeks time. The whole thing has been quite quick for me but it depends on your hospital! Please try not to worry too much, I was the same as you whilst waiting for my results. Even though I have to have treatment I’m just glad I know now what the next steps are. Best of luck x

Hi all,
I’m 8 days post colposcopy and biopsy for ‘borderline’ smear anxiously awaiting results and I am thinking I will be CIN1 maybe 2. Another 2 weeks at least for me to wait.
Is it letters in post or is it put onto the hospital online NHS app? Might have to intercept actual mail from my dog eating it. All the best to you all.

I had my results via my hospitals online system but typically I think they send a letter in the post! You could always phone up your clinic to check how you’ll receive the results! Xx

Thank you all for your replies!

I actually called up on Monday, just before the 5 week mark. It went to voice message 3 times, so I gave them my details and let them know I was really nervous for my results.

Call back the next morning from a lovely receptionist, said she was waiting for the letter to be signed off by the colposcopist, but it looked like good news and that I was being discharged back to my GP. Obviously I want to see the exact results for myself, but it’s massively put me at ease!

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Hiya, I had biopsies 30th December and got results 25th Jan. I had hpv positive and borderline changes and consultant thought maybe cin 2. Results come back negative and have to have another smear in a year x

Final update in case anyone is reading this and in a similar position.

As said in a previous comment, I called up at 5 weeks to ask when to expect my letter. The receptionist said she was waiting on the colposcopist to sign off the letter, but it looked like I was being discharged back to my GP. I was okay with that, but the anxiety started to creep back up.

At 7 weeks, I called again as I still hadn’t received my letter. I knew it was ready, but it hadn’t been sent. The receptionist read my letter to me this time, which said I had HPV and CIN1, and will have another smear in 12 months.

I finally received my letter 8 weeks to the day of my colposcopy.

If you’re worried or your results are late, please please please call up the clinic for a chat. I felt like I was being ridiculous by chasing it up, but the receptionist couldn’t have been more lovely about it. xxx

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