really worried

Hi all, iv joined this today. I’m 31 and had a smear 2 weeks ago the nurse said I have not had one for 6 years but it all looks OK. Since then I’ve received a letter appointment for a colonoscopy as I have borderline abnormal cells and hpv positive infection. Does this deffinetly mean I do have Hpv or is there a chance it could be wrong . I’m so worried x

Hi KelzxT,

I had the exact same results from my first smear. If smear results come back as borderline or low grade, they will test for HPV; if this is positive you will then be refered to colposcopy. I believe these tests are accurate, however try not to be too concerned or worried about it. (easier said than done I know). this is a section of this website with all the info about HPV. 

If HPV wasn't detected you would just have had a repeat smear in 6 months but because of the HPV they will keep a closer eye on you; thats a positive in my opinion! 

This whole experience is very scary and its natural to be worried. Im currently waiting for my biopsy results and the waiting is horrible, but this forum is so great and everyone is so supportive and helpful :)! 

Best of luck with the colposcopy, feel free to private message me :)

K xx

Thanks.. Will the coloncospy detect if hpv is high grade and need no treatment or do they no it's high from my smear x

Mine was detected in the smear. In the letter it's said something about testing for high risk HPV and mine showed evidence of it.

It's not so much the HPV that needs treating, it's the abnormal cells caused by the HPV. If your cells appear 'borderline' as your smear suggests, they may not treat these as they can return to normal on their own. However, my cells appeared 'high grade' at colpospy (the smear didn't pick up on them) so two biopsys were taken and once I have the results the cells will be removed.


Thanks,  iv read a lot about people getting smear results saying they have cin1,2or 3. Mine didn't say that so does mine mean I have no cin x

I was told at colposcopy that 'borderline' means that they are not normal but not abnormal, they are inbetween and very likely to go back to normal on their own once your body fights off the HPV. So it goes...normal, borderline, CIN1 (low grade), CIN 2 (moderate grade), CIN 3 (high grade), then cancer. please someone correct me if this is wrong but this is what I have been told and believe to be true.

Therefore, it is extremely likely the colposcopy will show low grade changes for you but it is important you go because the smear can sometimes miss some cells which is what happened in my case. The colpocopist said mine 'looked' high grade but I'm waiting for the biopsy result to confirm the CIN. 

Please don't let this worry you though, i don't think it happens often and even if CIN2/3 is found, it is very easily treated with a quick procedure called lletz/leep, where the abnormal cells are burnt away.




Thanks so much. I'm trying not to worry but I suffer with anxiety and nerves so it's a lot harder not to worry. Also I was told it's a painful time and I had 3 c sections I'm that much of a wimp x

So scared don't know what to do with myself x

Update... I went to my appointment and had colonoscopy the nurse applied the liquid and I'm so happy it was clear nothing wrong just a follow up in a year. All that worrying for nothing xx

Fantastic news! Very happy for you :-) here's hoping my journey won't be much longer....still waiting for biopsy results-17 days since colposcopy!!! X