Help Understanding Smear Test Results

Hi all,

This is my first time posting. I’m just a bit confused by my smear test results.

I went for my first smear test aged 25 last year. It came back Borderline changes and positive for HPV. I attended a Colposcopy appointment and they said I was fine but needed yearly smear tests at the clinic.

I returned for my first repeat in March and was told a 2-3 week wait on results. After 3 weeks I rang my doctors surgery to ask if they’d received the results and they said it came back fine and no action required.

I received a letter last night from the Colposcopy clinic to say that the results are Moderate cell changes and I have to return for another colposcopy appointment. I spoke to the hospital and they said due to staff absence the earliest they can get me in is for 6 weeks time (if I want to change this appointment all they can do is put me on a waiting list rather than being able to actually reschedule it).

As you can imagine, finding out I was okay then being told that actually it wasn’t has been a shock. I’m still getting my head around it.

Do you reckon my borderline changes from last year have progressed to moderate? Also, my letter doesn’t mention HPV like it did the first time around. Will that mean I’ve cleared out of my system? Is there a way of actually finding out if this is the case?

Thanks for any advice!