Colposcopy with no results

Hi all,
I’ve been sent a text and letter to go for a Colposcopy on 14th feb. I haven’t had my results back from the smear test so don’t know if I’m actually HPV + or not. I have tested positive for HPV over my 2 previous smears and went for a Colposcopy in January 2022. I was CIN1 and no treatment was needed. My main worry is why such a quick colposcopy? (1 weeks notice) and why am I going again? Am I HPV + again??
Can not stop hysterically crying!
Thanks in advance x


Its More Than Likely Yes You’re Still HPV Positive & That Your Smear Indicates Cell Changes.

I Did A Smear In December Got The Results…It Was Abnormal First Ever Abnormal Smear…I Was HPV+ With Low Grade Dyskaryosis I Was Booked In For A Colposcopy Which Was Supposed To Be Tomororw Feb 8th Howeverr I Called Colposcopy & Told Them I Was Uneasy & I Needed A Peace Of Mind…They Booked Me In January 21st & There Were No Abnormal Cells…Nothing Showed Up So I Have A Cytology In 12 Months x

ALL the Best xx

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Hi @BM28

Its pretty safe to assume that even without your results, as you have another colposcopy booked that you do still atleast have the virus active in your system, if there was no HPV in your sample there wouldnt be a need for the colposcopy… its unclear what your results could be as just because youve got an appointment next week doesnt mean they have found anything bad… it could be that there are no abnormalities indicated but because you have now tested positive x amount of times in a row its triggered a colposcopy appointment or they have an indication abnormalties could still be present so they want to confirm that

The “quick appointment” could mean many things but being seen quick isnt always a cause for concern, timeframes between appointments very much vary and dont always mean anything, obvously when CC is suspected you are on the 2ww pathway… but ive seen people with borderline changes get their results on a monday and their appointment is on the friday… so just because we have an appointment within a 2 week timeframe it really doesnt mean we are actually on the 2ww, it could very much be something as simple as they had a cancellation, that is just your set appointment or it could even be that the gyn decided to work an extra day to catch up and you just happened to get in on that day lol among many itger things that coukd be why lol

Its hard but try not to read between the lines, there isnt always a reason behind why they do what they do… but CIN1 has a less than 1% chance of progressing into a cancerous lesion whilst its being monitored xx


Thankyou so much. It’s so hard to not be irrational!

Thankyou so much! Just trying to stay positive x

I agree with others that your smear results will have shown evidence of something e.g. cell changes. I don’t think the speed of referral is concerning. It varies a lot and they’ll just have booked you the earliest available one. My first referral was super quick and I felt a lot of what I’m sure you’re feeling as well (I cried and felt sick with worry), but my second referral took quite a while (when i had to go back because the first lletz procedure wasn’t successful in clearing it).

I know it’s stressful but I honestly don’t believe the timing is an indicator of anything more serious.