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I have not had a smear test in at least 10 years (im ashamed to admit)

Eventually booked and done it last month and my results were HPV+ plus cell changes. Was advised approx 8weeks for an appointment for a coloscopy and instead have been sent an appointment in less than a fortnight?? Should i be worried that I’m being taken so quickly? Or can this be standard.


I think it just depends on how busy they are my appointment was also within 2 weeks of my smear result and now just waiting for biopsy result.
Just think it’s a good thing you don’t have to wait for ages.


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Thought I would update from my last post to put some people’s mind at ease going through the same. Attended my colposcopy and they couldn’t do loop treatment and instead took a biopsy. I’ve had a rough couple of weeks waiting on the results. Was imagining the worst as I was told at my colposcopy appointment I will probably need surgery to remove the mass due to where it is and the size but I’ve received biopsy results and it’s CIN cells and not cancer which was what I probably expecting given what I was told at my last appointment.

So to anyone awaiting results please don’t only expect the worst…….I was of course worried sick but there are many outcomes that aren’t the worst scenario!

Reading people’s posts and the supportive comments has been so helpful over the last few weeks and I wish everyone love and prayers who is part of this community.


I’m glad that you got slightly more positive news in that it was CIN cells and not cancer. I know the relief of hearing that is immense as that is how I felt in 2014 having had a colposcopy.
6 years now since I got the all clear so I’m hoping that the news for you gets even more positive in the months to come