Colposcopy today

Hi, I have just joined this forum as before my colposcopy I found it quite calming!

I went for my smear back in July and the results came back CIN 1 with HPV (31st July - results). I was then referred for a colposcopy which was today. I have found the whole thing a worry more than painful, and the HCA I had in with me was lovely & kept me calm. The nurse who examined me at first said that my cervix looks healthy (As did the nurse who did my smear) but today I was told that they think I have high grade not low grade. I'm confused as to why this wasnt picked up in the first instance. She said she wanted to be sure though and rather than treat, she took 2 biopsies and said I should recieve my results in 4 weeks. Should I be worried, as I have read that people who get high grade results back from a smear are usually asked to go in within 1-2 weeks?

Has this happened to anybody else?


Thanks Emma


Hi Emma

The smear test gets only a small sample of cells, so it's not at all unusual to get a different answer from colposcopy, as they are then able to have a good look and if necessary biopsy any suspicious areas. Mine for example was borderline and HPV on the smear results, but came back as CIN1 and some areas of CIN2 on the biopsies.

As far as I know, 4 weeks is pretty standard for biopsy results (though some ladies wait longer than that) and was exactly, to the day, how long mine took. My colposcopy apointment was a couple of weeks after the abnormal smear result, and my treatment would have been a couple of weeks after my biopsy results if I hadnt moved it due to summer holiday, but I don't think they can speed up the biopsy results as they have to wait on the lab that analyses them.

I wouldnt worry, it sounds like the timescales on yours are quite standard!


Yeah I had the same thing. I had moderate dyskaryosis on my smear but they thought it was severe on colposcopy with CIN2. It's just that a colposcopy is more in depth and they can see more clearly. 4 weeks seems standard for all biopsy results. Hope it's all okay xx