First colposcopy today

Hi I’m 24 I had a routine smear which came back with the results high grade dyskaryosis (severe), my colposcopy is today… Scared! Does anyone know how long the biopsy results take? I’m panicking because I go travelling in 8 weeks and would love for all of this to be over before that! Hope I’m not wishful thinking! Wish me luck…

Mine took 4 weeks. I hope you get it sorted before you travel X

Hello, my smear was also high grade which the consultant said today it can be CIN2 or CIN3.  Re-results, I think it unfortunately depends on where you live - my appointment letter said biopsy results take four weeks but the hospital today said it would be "a couple".  Like most things I suspect they will let you know sooner if they can, but it probably depends on how busy the lab is.  I would allow for four weeks and then start chasing x