Colposcopy results

I’m due to get my results from biopsy this week I’m worried sick
Am I getting them in post or over the phone?
If the results are bad will I know sooner I’ve been worked sick for the last 3 weeks now I feel worse I’m not sleeping as there due I was told at first appointment that it was probably cin 2 or 3

Can't help but didn't want to not post. I am yet to have my colposcopy after high grade dyskaryosis but from discussionschool I've had bad news is always sooner 

Best wishes hope you get good news. 

Hi after getting high grade results from my smear I was booked in for a hospital appointment for a colposcopy.

I had the colposcopy last Tuesday and the doctor also carried out a loop incision. She explained that this was because of the amount of abnormal cells.

I had a local anaesthetic. It was mainly uncomfortable, there were a couple of moments of pain but all in all it was OK.

I asked the doctor directly if I had cancer. She was non comittal in her reply, explaining that the biopsy had to be sent off for testing. However her experience was that if left untreared cancer would develop but in the majority of cases like mine it was merely a case of getting rid of the abnormal cells as a preventative measure.

I experienced quite a lot of discomfort in the days after the procedure, especially when I started my period.

I am now awaiting the results.

Very scared and frightened.

I am 48 and have three girls, 23, 21 & 11.

I would be grateful to read other experiences.


Fingers crossed for you this website has helped me a lot. Xxxxx

Fingers crossed for you this website has helped me a lot. Xxxxx

Thank-you for your reply Im finding it hard because it was my first smear they did say was high grade went foe the colposcopy 2 1/2 weeks ago said it can take 3 weeks for results but looked like I had cin 2 or 3 couldn't remove the cells there as my cervix is too high tried to phone clinic today to see if they had anything but the lady dealing with it isn't in till Monday so fingers crossed I will have my results then good luck to those still waiting hope it all goes OK I really do find this forum helpful reading others experiences is reassuring x

Got my results biopsy came back clear so they sent of my smear for review its come back with mild moderate and severe changes havnt received letter yet but the Dr phoned and said I will need to go in for day surgery to have the cells removed anyone else had this done?  Any advice would be greatfully received x