Biopsy results

hi ladies, I'm new to this and after having my smear test results I feel like I have more questions than answers so excuse me if I sound silly, 

after having my smeat test the results came back as abnormal, I then proceeded to go for a colposcopy, while I was there the lady said I have severe dyskaryosis and she took two biopsy's to send off, she said it could be up to 6 weeks before I hear anything but she did say that I will need treatment as a large area of my cervix is affected, 

i am now on pins and needles waiting to hear from them as I get married in 4 weeks and just want this over and done with, this is really affecting me, the outcome of the biopsy is not what is worrying me it's the waiting that's so hard! Has anybody else experienced this? Was it cancer? is CIN 3 cancer? I'm confused :( thankyou so much for your help in advance xxx


I'm waiting too - it's only been a week today, and they said it would be at least 4 weeks before I got the results, but I'm still jumping when the phone rings and checking the post!!

I'm going with the opinion of the ladies who have been through treatment already - if they were very concerned at the colposcopy, they'd have removed it there & then (they didn't with me, just biopsied) and also, they'd have rushed the biopsy results through, so you'd know within days what it was and what the treatment would be.

I know how tough it is waiting - I got in a complete state between the Abnormal Smear letter and the colposcopy, and I went so wobbly after the doctor took the biopsies that I have no idea what grade of CIN he thought he'd found, either.

Lots of good wishes and let's hope it's good news for all of us that are awaiting results.

Hi guys, had loop in 2009 at initial colposcopy appt. then had smears every year, sept 2013 smear came back boarder line. Had to go back for another colposcopy 3 biopsys taken, results cin 2. Decided 2 wait 6 months see if it returned to normal. Another biopsy taken inconclusive. smear changed to cin1 nothing to worry about. appt had been put on for three months time which was Monday, two biopsys taken as lab requested. Was told to ring hospital in two week. Each time in past year I've been on edge as they keep taking my case to a mdt meeting. I'm awaiting result. I would ring hospital for your result and I hope it's a positive outcome. Love and hugs

Hi ladies so Iv had a follow up letter after my biopsy and it says that I have to have lletz treatment done, it says my biopsy showed moderate abnormalities, I am now itching for the appointment to come through just so I can talk to the nurse, does this letter mean that I just have abnormal cells or will I have to wait to speak to the nurse for more information? Good luck ladies xxx