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Hi, im new here and I came across this site while looking for more information regarding my smear results that I received today, saying that I have servere dyskaryosis and I have to go for a colposcopy.  I received the appointment letter for the Colposcopy in a different letter but also recieved today, so this has me worried as well, why did I receive it straight away?  I have the colposcopy a week Tuesday so not a long wait.  The speed that they are seeing me is worrying me, will I find out it is more once they take a look at the cells?  


I do find it reassuring to have found so many people on here that have been or going through the same thing, and having spoken to my mum and found out she has been through the same thing shortly after having me, and a few people in my best friends family have been through it, but it doesnt stop me worrying completly.

Hey, I was in exactly the same position as you. 

I got a letter saying high grade dyskaryosi. 

Then letter with apointment. So I know how your feeling, it is worrying. 

But you will be find. It is 'normal' to get appointment letter soooooo quick. 

They like to get u seen. 

i had the it done, it's an in depth smear, I didn't feel pain. 

They put a vinegar type acid on me, to see where is infected

decided to treat me there and then. Which was brilliant!!! As getting it all done in one day :-) 

they took a biopsy... And now I am awaiting the results. 

i hope this has helped, I know when I started all this. 

This forum really helped me: 

hope it all goes well. 




smear 18th feb 

results- high grade dyskaryosis March 6th 

colpscopy and treatment for cin3- lletz 

waiting for results 2wks 

It is such a worrying time. Like I've said in another thread here if there is any chance of cancer you have to be seen in 2 weeks. becsuse you have high grade changes you need to be seen quickly. I had high grade vaginal abnormalities and from colp to results to treatment was 3 weeks. Not cancer (I've had cc previously) You are seeing the nhs at its best! Fingers crossed for a good outcome for you. 

thank you its good to know others have been through this, which treatment was you given, from what ive read so far there are a couple?  Did it hurt at all?  I do have quite a low pain threshhold.  

it will be 2.5 weeks between my smear test and the colopcopy, with easter just before then, so its not far off the 2 weeks......

Can't help you with your questions about treatment for CIN. my advice is always take painkillers before any appointment, the colp isn't painful but a little uncomfortable. Pop a couple of paracetamol before you go. 

I didn't really feel any 'pain' during colposcopy and treat... just a little uncomfy... Nothing really!

roxi x

Don't worry it doesn't hurt. You can feel something "going in" down there but it's not pain. It's really hard to describe more like a "rubbing" sensation 

Emma x

So its the day after my colposcopy and I did have a biopsi too.  The actual procedure was not that bad, a little uncomfitable but the nurses where lovely and reassuring and kept me talking. Once the local wore off thou, I could feel it, I ended up in bed sleeping most of the rest of the afternoon, partly cause of the pain and partly cause I hadnt slept much the night before with worry.  Today I went to work, took pain killers and took it easy, no lifting or strenuas work.  I got home pain killers wore off (I try not to take them if I dont need to) and the pain bought me to tears.  How long does the pain after last and should it be this bad?