Colposcopy results... can someone help explain a few things

Hi guys this is my first time posting so hope this is in the right place.

So my colposcopy results came back unsatisfactory and states grade 2, does that mean CIN2? Does that mean im most likely to need treatment?
It also says about the examination being unsatifactory as she was unable to see the upper limit of these lesions due to bleeding. However i wasnt bleeding until she had took the biopsies, could they have got my results mixed up with someone else? I mean all other information is correct??
Oh also all this information was not communicated to me at the appointment, which i feel annoyed about because then i could’ve asked all these stupid questions running around my head!

Hello, it sounds like your result is saying that you have CIN 2, which I think is usually treated, although not always. Have you had a letter with your results from colposcopy? It would seem unusual for you to have had a letter with no information regarding follow up/ needing treatment. If you’ve not had any information, I’d advise you ring the colposcopy department to clarify.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve had my results back and it wasn’t any CIN. It was koilocytosis which isnt an abnormal in itself. I’ve got to repeat the colp next year as it was technically unsatisfactory.
The grade 2 was just it was grade 2 mosaicism. They said only pathology can state which CIN it is from the biopsies.