Colposcopy today

I had my colposcopy this afternoon and needed biopsies and she thought it was CIN2 but there was an area she couldn't see as there were some spots?! It wasn't as bad as thought it would be and the injection only stung a little. 

has anyone had suspected CIN2 and been downgraded or upgraded after the biopsies? 


Jo x
 smear said CIN3, then during the colp the nurse said she found 'moderate aceto white' which I think means CIN2 but then once it had been sent off and tested my results came back as a mixture of CIN1 2 and 3. So I think it can change from the smear to the colp but the smear is normally quite accurate, the colp is just even more so! Don't worry, even if it goes up to CIN3 it's still the same treatment :) Did she say much more about those spots? X

she said that the skin on the cervix is the same type as on your face with pores and that spots can appear and it makes it impossible to see what's behind them. The long 3 week wait now begins. Going to try and stay calm. I'm bleeding very heavily todat but suppose that's to be expected? xx

I'm not sure, I think everyone's different when it comes to the bleeding/discharge.   I didn't bleed much but I think I is normal to bleed, did you have the lletz or just the colposcopy? Someone did tell me that if I bled very heavily and was soaking through a pad then it could be a sign of infection so just to go to the doc's and get a course of antibiotics xx