Colposcopy just scheduled. Had already been experiencing symptoms of cerivical cancer


This is my first post .. my story is quite lengthy and I've tried composing it several times but I gave up and realized that no one wants to read ALL of that.  I imagine it's very possible that I might be posting in here a little more frequently and eventually get it all out there anyways.  I guess I will just start in the middle as that where's my questions really seem to begin.  I have so many more but I feel like I just need to start somewhere.  The biggest question of mine being .. is it crazy for me to already think I have cervical cancer? ... but we will just start with the call that made me fall down the rabbit hole of researching my symptoms, HPV, and Cervical Cancer because I have a few questions in regards to that as well. 

I recieved a call from my nurse on Thursday stating that I had an abnormal pap smear.  She told me that I was HPV positive and that I needed to have a Colposcopy preformed.  She seemed uncertain about my lack of alarm, which honestly alarmed me.  I'm pretty good at maintaining my composure, plus I was at work and just simply trying to process the words that were coming out of her mouth.  I know she said so much more than I remember.  There was just something about the way she spoke to me that made me feel like it was serious.  I had done my research in the past couple of months (again it's a long story) after having symptoms but it probably hadn't been enough research to prepare me for what questions I could or should have asked.  I also assumed that she wouldn't be able to answer anything until after further testing.  I'm no doctor .. but is there something that they can learn from a pap smear that they wouldn't have been able to see with the naked eye?  Somthing that would create a strong reason for concern before preforming a colposcopy or sending in a biopsy? I just remember the doctor trying to reassure me and telling me that everything looked normal and good .. so much for that.  I truly believe him in that he thought that I was stressing over nothing.

I am 27 .. I thought that a test to confirm HPV was only preformed on women over 30, unless they had an abnormal pap smear.  Is that not accurate? Did my doctor truly test for HPV or did the nurse simply tell me that I had HPV becasue they have strong reasoning to believe this to be the case?  When further testing is done, will they be able to tell me what strain I have?

Now .. on to the reason I believe it is cancerous.  From my understanding there are several symptoms tied not to HPV but specifically to cervical cancer.  I have been experiencing all of them except for longer menstrual bleeding and that is only because I am on the Mirena, so I don't bleed monthly.  I have been known to spot occasionally but that is it.  Well .. I have been having pelvic pains, cramps, change in bowels, leg pains, more tired than usual, drastic change in my discharge .. including bleeding.  Also, I haven't had sex since my symptoms but right before my sypmtoms I was bleeding after sex.  Basically, I'm miserable.  So very miserable and I know my body well enough to know that something has just not been right.  I feel more sick than I usually do.  Just to clarify as well, I have been tested for Bacteria Vaginosis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Herpes, HIV, Hepatitis, and Syphilis .. and all results have come back negative.  Also, I was put on Diflucan just incase it was a yeast infection but that did nothing to clear anything up.  However, I'm very susceptible to infections apparently .. I get BV regualarly which only makes me more paranoid that maybe my body is less likely to fight an infection like HPV.  Forgive me if I sound ignorant at all.  Hopefully, I will learn more on Tuesday.  There isn't enough reliable and solid information on the internet and this topic is not discussed nearly enough despite the need for EVERYONE to be educated on the subject.  Also everyone's circumstances seem to differ, so directly asking a group of which might be more educated or experienced with HPV and Cervical Cancer seemed like my best bet.  So ... am I crazy to think I have cancer?? Aren't those symptoms specific to cervical cancer or can HPV create all those issues with out any cancerous cells?





I don't know the answers to your questions but hopefully someone will. I justed wanted to say.. i know how you feel. I know something is wrong with my body and I am going out of mind. I got my smear results Thursday.. high grade severe dyskaryosis. I am waiting for the colposcopy on the 26th xx

Your not crazy to think it's cancer it's the first thing that would come to everyone's head. I have HPV and got told this at my coloposcopy appointment as I experienced bleeding after sex also but after my appoitnment I was diagnosed with CIN1 which is a mild abnormality of cells which need reviewing. So yes I had similar symptoms to you and got told I had hpv with mild abnormality of cells that aren't cancerous. I know it's hard not to worry but I'd try not to until youve had your appointment and when you read stuff online I myself felt so much worse. I can't answer all your questions but I hope what I have experienced helps x

Thank you. While, I would never wish that someone was experiencing the stress and uncertainty I am facing at the moment, it is a bit comforting to hear from those who understand the concern. Your Colposcopy is exactly a week after mine. It has been a waiting game for me for months now and I'm finally at the next step. I would be lying to say I'm not a little anxious. I wish we could all get answers sooner rather than later and I hope everything goes well for you. I hope they figure out what is causing your symptoms and that they are able to get you answers and put your mind at ease.

Hi I know exactly how you feel, I went to the gp last Monday 11/9/17 as ive been having spotting, heavy period, period pain, bleeding after sex ad painful sex, for 6-8 weeks. Ive not had a smear but she examined me and then a fax was sent to my local hospital, then I had a phone call the next day stating I had to have an appointment with gynaecologist and a colposcopy Tuesday 19/9/17 (tomorrow) I am a bit worried myself as its been so quick. Have you any results back. Xxx


Hello Redhead 81 and July rain, I wondered how you had both got on?;I have been having sporting,:bleeding after sex and back pain,:I am currently waiting for my colopscopy and scan since seeing gynaecologist on the two week referral path way.  I am very worried and have read your stories along with everyone's above.  I hope you are all well?