Scared, evidence of HPV and high grade/severeresult

hi everyone,

im really scared and this is my first post. I got my smear results yesterday and I have evidence of HPV and high grade severe result. They are sending me for a colposcopy. got the letter yesterday, Christmas Eve... I am petrified and can't enjoy Christmas. I only got married this year and was looking forward to starting a family... Now all I can think of is I have cancer. i was over due a smear by 2 years which is bad. My last one was clear though.. Also in the last Few months I have had the odd light bit of spotting but usually the week before i was due, as I've messed around with my pill a bit I assumed it was because of that... Now all I'm doing is thinking over any little twinge and thinking it could be a symptom.. :-( everything I'm reading is just causing me to panic...

can they tell me at the coloposcopy where I have cc or will I habe to wait for more results?

how much time off work should i book for the appointment? I know it's an hour but om

gooing to be a nervous wreck before and are you in any pain after?

what are my chances of not being able to have a child?

really grateful of any advice, xx



Hi Jenna

So sorry you have had your diagnosis at this time, can imagine how you must be feeling.  This may not be as bad as you are thinking and it doesn't automatically mean you have CC.  It is a very slow growing cancer (10 years) so the chances are that if your last smear was clear then it may well have not developed.  I know someone who had the same result as you and all her bad cells were removed at the colposcopy.  She had to go for 6 monthly check ups but all was fine.

Even if you did have CC there is still a chance that you could go on to have a family, it just depends on what treatment is necessary.

Sometimes they can tell at colposcopy stage but in my case they couldn't tell until the biopsy results were back and I then had a MRI to confirm the details.

I had my colposcopy in the afternoon, went to work in the morning to keep my mind occupied but went home afterwards.  I just had some crampy period type pain, not too bad.

Try not to google as you always get the extreme stories there, you will get much more honest advice from this site.  The ladies are wonderful on this forum, I'm sure you will get a lot more replies giving you advice and support.

Try and enjoy Christmas the best you can, we are here for you and will help you get through whatever you are facing.



Thank you Cheryl, your words mean a lot. The only person I've told is my husband and he has been great but trying to reassure me it will be ok but this seems to make me more worried that it won't. I'm going to see if the colposcopy clinic is open tomorrow and try to see when I can get an appointment. This forum is brilliant and thank you all for sharing Your experiences.. X