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I know this has been said probably 100's of times, but I'm trying to not get in a panic here!

 I had my smear test in Feb which has come back as abnormal and positive for HPV. No request for a second smear, just hospital appointment for a colposcopy and biopsy. The time distance between the smear and hospital is 9 weeks - which after reading some posts on here I'm releived and know it cant be something major or they would have had me in sooner.But it doesnt stop me worrying. My appointment is on Thursday and I can feel myself getting ready to bite someones head off (my husband!!) and I need to chat about this. Theres lots of other little niggles which are not helping. I have continuous hip pain, which if you beleived google I've got advanced cervical cancer. Now, I know this is caused by my constant training in the gym and running. I get cycts on my eyeball, which I now beleive is the HPV? I've been getting period pains and I havnt had a period in over 4 years due to previous gyne surgery. And most recently I have the feeling I'm going to be sick! I recently had blood tests and the bruising was the worst I've ever seen and I have never bruised from blood tests before.

I know I'm getting paranoid, I cant help it. I can usually talk to my husband about anything, we have a fab relationship and he will be 100% suportive of any outcome - but it's not easy totalk about this. He lost his Mum to cervical cancer when he was just 13 years old, only a month after loosing his Dad to heart failure. This is scaring him which is understandable even though I've tried to lighten it by saying I would have been called in sooner if the smear showed anything big.

Can someone tell me to chill out please?

Thank you in advance - and thank you for this page!!

Clair x


Hi Hun stay away from googling things it really does not help ! And no matter what anyone says your going to worry it's compleatly normal ! Xx

Thank you Panda x 

Hi It's actually my daughter that is having a colposcopy , also this Thursday. She had her smear in February and got her results last Monday. Like you ,she is noticing every little niggle, ache etc that she normally wouldn't pay any attention too, and likewise she is very apprehensive about the whole thing,as am I. But we just have to hope everything will turn out ok. Good luck for Thursday!!!