Colposcopy - confused


I’m posting for support and also to see if anyone else can explain in layman’s terms, what I’ve got going on and how worried I should be.

I went for my routine smear in September 22 (previous smears fine). I eventually got confirmation from my GP that I was HPV positive and had borderline cell changes. I was told this by them, before receiving written confirmation in the post, or invite for colposcopy.

In a blind panic, I contacted my private insurer and was referred for a private colposcopy (which I had 16th November) at the appointment i was told it looked to be CIN1 with small area of CIN2 of which, biopsy was taken for testing. The colposcopist reassured me that we were looking at cell changes, not cervical cancer.

Today, I’ve received the following update from the private hospital

‘We have now received your cervical biopsy result, including attached supplementary report. The biopsy was adequate for a full histological assessment and has confirmed there was a lesion which associated with CIN HPV-related changes (cervical intraepithelial neoplasia), but it was difficult to grade an exact type on existing sample (please see attached a full histopathology result).

Therefore, it would be recommended according to the current NHS CSP guidelines to have further investigation such as a diagnostic local excisional biopsy (known as LLETZ). LLETZ procedure can be done under local or general anaesthetic depends on your wishes.

At the current time you have two options, depending on your personal circumstances and eligibility for NHS services.

One option is to see your GP as soon as possible to arrange an urgent referral to Colposcopy Department for above mentioned procedure to be done via NHS’.

Does this mean the situation is worse than originally believed? Should I be worried it could be, or is looking to be something worse?

I’m trying to get back in for the LLETZ appointment but the insurer is saying I need to get a follow up first and that I’m perhaps jumping ahead of myself. The clinic that took the biopsy don’t even do LLETZ, I’d need another referral to go somewhere else. At this rate, I just want it all done, they can take my womb too if needs be, I’m all over the shop.

I’ve still got the original NHS colposcopy appointment for December, I’m planning to go as I was under the impression they normally try to treat there and then rather than keep calling you back, which might just be a tactic used by private clinics to get more money from the insurer. That may be an unfair assumption but this seems to be going on and on.

Someone’s suggested I call the hospital and say I’ve had this result privately, could we make the colposcopy appointment a LLETZ one instead. My concern is calling them now and telling them I’ve had private treatment, they might cancel my appointment altogether and I’ll have to wait longer?

If you’ve got this far, thank you xx

Hey I’m sure when you get to your appointment they will adjust as required? The nurse are very good and if you take your letter with you and explain they will be able to look at it. If it would make you feel better ringing then prior to your appointment I’m sure they will be happy to help you but remember that it may be a receptionist you get through to who may not be able to help out of your appointment. But for now I wouldn’t stress yourself to much CIN is not cancer and these are the steps we take to prevent it so keep smiling and I hope you get your answers and results soon x

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

I’m just so worried that it’s not pre-cancerous cell changes, and that it’s something worse.

The letter included a report stating the following:


Inflamed cervical transformational zone shows CIN1 with wart virus associated changes, with denuded ectocervical squamous epithelium which shows CIN difficult to grade. CIN extends to endocervical crypts. No invasion.


Cervix: CIN1 with wart virus associated changes and CIN difficult to grade.

I’m returning to the private clinic tomorrow for a chat to discuss this? They will not be treating at this appointment. Why would they call me back for this if it wasn’t serious?

Hi @Kloerose

You are being called back as they were unable to grade your biopsy accurately, not because they suspect you have CC your histology results stated there is no invasion… they just want to discuss this further and what you can do next

Your biopsy has shown and confirmed that your CIN1 isnt due to the high risk HPV type its due to a HPV strains that causes warts this can cause CIN1 and isnt seen as a true precancer for this reason as its not assocatited with CC when its due to a low risk strain, it looks as though you have both low risk and high risk HPV, the CIN2 that they saw on examination would be caused by the high risk type you tested positive for on the pap but this CIN was actually ungradable on biopsy… when they say what the grade is by eye they are just making an educated guess a biopsy is the only definitive way to grade the cells

I would call the colposcopy department and let them know the findings, they cant cancel your appointment because youve been seen privately prior to their appointment especially when the CIN was ungradable… you should be aware the NHS dont always do the ‘see and treat’ method, sometimes they do take a biopsy first then offer treatment at a later date, none of my colposcopies have been a see and treat i had biopsies taken first so it would likely be best that you call and let them know you have been advised to have a LLETZ procedure and they can prepare xx

@Tinkerbelle29 Thank you soo much for explaining it to me in language that I understand :heart:

@Tinkerbelle29 sorry, one other thing. Does this mean I have genital warts and need to inform my partner? :no_mouth:

It does yes hun xx