Colposcopy booked after boardline changes and HPV


2 weeks ago I received a letter in the post, my results from my screening; it came back boardline changes and I tested positive for HPV.

I’ve been with the same guy for 3 years, I have 5 children (4 from previous relationship). My last screening was almost 4 years ago which came back fine.

I’m absolutely terrified! My periods have always been like clock work and for the last 5 months they are up and down, very very heavy compared to normal, one month I spotted for barely a day, it went and came back 2 days later with spotting, then stopped. I used to be a size 18/20 and within such a short time frame I’ve lost so much weight I’m now a size 12/14. I put all this down to stress, even the nurse put it down to stress when I went to have my cervical screening.

I keep getting what I can only discribe as contractions for period pains too. I’ve never suffered this badly ever, I also get them soon after sex with my partner too, I’m rolled over onto the floor with them. The nurse did ask me if I knew my cervix was quite high up and tilted and I didn’t this was all news to me. Lately I’ve been feeling like I need to vomit a lot too and I’m trying not to think about it. I keep getting headaches (not sure if this is because of all the thinking and crying and worrying I’ve been doing). I’ve also noticed for about 6 months now I’ve been needing to go to the toilet more often and when I have to go I have to go, I feel silly for saying it but I’ve actually wet myself because I haven’t made it on time.

I’m terrified, I’m 31 in a few months, all this over Christmas and I’m struggling as it is! I’m not coping well, with everything that has happened to me I’m so convinced my outcome isn’t going to be the news I’d want!

Please if anyone can just tell me how it is, what to expect, what are the chances of it being cancer? I can’t leave my kids, I just can’t.

I hope I've put this in the correct forum xx 


Hi peppa sorry to hear you're so worried.  Just to let you know having hpv is so common, my consultant said most sexually active adults have it at some point and most clear it naturally. Borderline abnormality is also something that will often return to normal by itself you just have to try and look after your immune system. I'm not sure about your other symptoms but maybe you lost weight because you're so busy looking after 5 children and needing the toilet like that could be linked to having children, pregnancy and childbirth all takes its toll. The colposcopy is just like a smear really but they take a closer look at your cervix with a camera and put a vinegar type solution on it to show up any abnormal areas but it doesn't hurt just a bit uncomfortable. If i were you id try calling for an early appointment if you can and hopefully they can put your mind at ease before christmas x

Thank you so much for your reply. I've randomly started bleeding this evening very heavy too, I'm not due for another 10 days. It's literally dripping out, I'm going to make a call to the doctor first thing in the morning. All this stress and worry is taking its toll. I can't physically function.

I've managed to bring my appointment forward by 1 week, I called yesterday and now I'm booked for the 14th December instead of the 21st. 

That's great you've got an earlier appointment. Good luck, really hope it all goes ok and you can be reassured x

How did it go??x

Morning all,

I had such a surreal day yesterday that I physically couldn't type about it, but I am okay.

After waking up late, I dropped all kids where they needed to be, between friends, neighbours, school and my partner. I cried the very moment I woke up, I was having to go alone which was scary for me as I suffer with depression and aniexty once I finally got there after my madness with road jams and tears still whilst I'm sat on a bus I had my partner on the phone to me though calming me down bless him I got there and I was seen pretty much straight away. I broke down and told her I'm so scared talked through my symptoms my ladies were so so so lovely she calmed me down we got on the bed and she began.

For me it was painless, I picked to watch and I'm glad that I did because I was able to see for myself. There was a small area on the side of my cervix which showed up and I had 2 punch biopsies from above and below, again the cough helps and I didn't find this painful it stung more than anything. 

I should get my results within 6 week; she does not think it is CIN 2 or 2 but suspects CIN1 and possibly a follow up in 6 months time but we shall await the results. 

In the meantime I can now breathe I have control of myself again and I need to see my doctor bout my symptoms as there must be an underlying problem.

I received my results in the post today, CIN1 and I'm booked in for another colposcopy in 12 months time. I'm not totally sure though, I'm still bleeding between periods, the cramps are worst than contractions, and since this colposcopy sex is to painful it's like I can feel the area that had the biopsy on it kills me it stints, it s like it's dry in there I'm so so sore each and every time and we have to stop :( 

Glad you've got some answer the waiting is horrific.