Anxious about HPV, abnormal smear results and colonoscopy

hi all

writing here as quite worried and anxious over what's happened.

Never had HPV vaccine, and my first smear was at age 29 unfortunately as I just wasn't educated enough or aware enough to go and moved doctors a lot meaning I missed letters. I feel a lot of depression over this but it is what it is now. I finally went a couple weeks ago.

results of smear (which was extremely painful):

HPV positive and cell changes, borderline.

However ive had some symptoms which only make sense now so very worried! Odd discharge(I can't even tell what it smells of, but doesn't smell right), pain after sex (my husband lives and works abroad for now so we put it down to a long gap in seeing each other due to long distance and corona keeping us apart for long periods of time), back pain and other bits and bobs. Desperate to go for my colonoscopy, waiting my referral letter.

I had a missed call from a care coordinator but they didn't leave contact details and it's a private number so very very anxious. I had the call before my letter confirming HPV+ and cell changes.

On my period now and it seems to have gone on forever, longer than my usual 5 days and not sure if this is due to the smear disturbing anything.

So worried but trying to remain optimistic that even if there is something then treatment can happen. 

at my smear the nurse had trouble collecting cells, and said she "hoped there were enough" which now makes me think there wasn't! 

so many things going through my head, unfortunately I'm sure you know the feelings! Just to write them down is a relief, I have told my husband who is supportive but working abroad and can't return at the moment. Haven't told my mum yet, worried how to.

It's a bittersweet feeling to join you on this forum but I hope all goes well with all your circumstances. Please reach out if you want to chat, I'd be more than happy to.

big hugs to all xxxxx

Hello, I am no expert by any means but I have done a lot of research due to freaking out myself. I know that borderline changes are the lowest grade you can get and I do not believe these changes can cause symptoms. It is likely that the symptoms are due to something else (most likely less serious). Did these start after the smear? I actually got an infection after my first Lletz which changed my discharge.

I know it's hard but try not to let thoughts run away with you. We are doing the right thing by getting seen now abs that's what matters :)