Colposcopy appointment

hi please can someone offer me some advice? Ihave an 11 year old daughter who is very sensitive so i have always been very open with her.
she is very worried about me at the moment as I have had a few doctors/hospital appointments lately, one of which was having a coil replaced which resulted in me taking a couple days of work and being in pain.
At the same time i had a smear resulting in me being sent an appointment for a colposcopy as the test was abnormal and showed evidence of HPV.
she knows i am worried, but i haven’t told her much. I can tell she is very concerned, and probably wondering why i am hiding something.
I will not be able to pick her up from school that day so she will know i have another appointment. Any ideas how to explain to her whats going on without worrying her further and in a way she will understand.
many thanks everyone

Hi Aallen,

I have just read your post and see that you wrote it a week ago. Being that your daughter is eleven and just approaching puberty, if she hasn't already, I was wondering if you might be able to tie in the tests you are having with "normalizing " the whole issue of testing for good women's health. You can introduce her to the idea of the importance of smear tests and that sometimes further tests are required. I also wondered if your daughter was going to have the HPV vaccination, as this would be another point of discussion that this is going to keep her safe in the future. I don't know if you are a single parent, but I was for several years whilst my daughter was that age, and I found I needed to give lots of reassurance that I was coping ok and had friends around who could support me if needed. I do hope all your tests go well and that no changes are found. Good luck with it all.