Was told I have HPV infection & colposcopy next week, but letter never said what grade of HPV, WORRIED!!

Hi all,

To get straight to the point as I can warble on so much, but my cervical screening came back with "borderline" abnormal cells, and that i tested postive for HPV infection and that a colposcoy refereal would be done, its net Tuesday 16th May @ 11:30am and ive only just had the courage to tell my mum i have it as i have been/still am shocked and ashamed i have HPV, previous cervical smear i had came back negative so im going out of my mind with worry.

anyway(sorry rattling againg) i just wanted to know if the colposcopy will tell me what grade of HPV i have and if i will have to have a biopsy or things remeoved, im also quite scared as my dad died of cancer and that there is a 50% of it being inherited with prime parents.

I also lost my brother a year and half ago, so as we are still grieving i didnt want to worry my mum, but i was wondering maybe i have HPV now because i am depressed and stressed and my immune system hasnt been abe to fight it?

If anyone of your amazing souls could shed some light, I would be ever so grareful,


Many thanks,


Summer xx

I wish I had more answers regarding HPV, but sadly nobody knows exactly how it works... I've been with my husband for over 10yrs and alwa had normal smears. I went from normal to CIN 3 (severe) which was a real shock... I have however now had my lletz and follow up smear and I'm all clear :-)

I know it's hard, but try not to stress too much. It's very treatable. And your body might fight it off naturally x

As for HPV, 80% of sexually active people will have it at some point in their lives x

in all honesty it depends on what they see when they do the colposcopy. They might just look at your cervix and sometimes they put a solution on it to see if there is anything there that shouldn't be. Its all down to on the day and the doctors opinion really. Try not to worry in the meantime and see what happens at your appointment 

Hi Summer, 

I've had almost the exact same letter - borderline changes with a positive HPV result (19-04). I was surprised by the HPV result as I've been with my partner for 7 years now and had no findings in previous smear.

Had my colposcopy appt on 11-05 and they took 3 biopsys. I didn't get any more information about the type of HPV or the abnormalities - although Ive seen on a different thread on this page that they only test for the high risk types of HPV so guess it's one of those (?), and I understand that I'll get more info on the abnormal cells and which type they are when I get my biopsy results. Looking back now I wish I'd asked more questions but I went through the appointment in a bit of a daze I think as it was all so new. I hadn't really worried before my appointment but spent the day after really fretting about what they were going to find. However after reading some of the posts on this forum, I've calmed down a lot now and accepted it's just a case of waiting and also being grateful that the screening exists. 

It might be worth having a list of questions written down to take with you tomorrow in case your mind goes blank like mine! 

Hope all goes well.



Hi I know how your are feeling my letter was more or less the same and I was so so so embarrassed I've been with my partner with 9 years, i had the colposcopy done last month they took a few biopsys on that day and got a letter 4 weeks later and was told cin111 and had lletz done Tuesday just gone waiting on results now,  i was never told what type of hpv I have, ive just told myself no point in stressing over the hpv just  on getting it removed, and I'm so sorry to hear about your brother xxxx

Hi Beyondconcerned first of just want to say massive congratulations on your all clear result, so happy for you sweetsLaughingLaughing!!

Thank you so much for your reply, i read them all monday night/early morning of tuesday(as I couldnt sleep and was in a state) but my oh my how complete opposite of what i thought it would be. All the nurses and colcposcopist were aboutsolutely AMAZING, so kind and patient, and INFORMATIVE. The nurse at my gp who took my smear sent me into a state of panic as she said becuase i had come off the pill in Jan 17 of this year, that i would be 100% getting a letter for referal for a colcospy....so thats when the fear started, and the mania of me thinking i had cancer as my dad died of cancer, how wrong se was and the team were livid that she gave me that information, and also that she didnt talk about HPV at all, i had to keep on digging for her to tell me that its very common and not to worry. But yes mum came along, she didnt get much sleep as because i didnt tell her about having hpv, she was wracking her brains out wondering why i was having this colcoscopy, she is an early retired midwife, and yes i know she is the best person to go to(was told many timeslol), but with all the grieving we are going through, i just didnt want to worry her, so as soon as we stepped into the gyno ward, she bumped into a few of her lovely collegues and the nurse who was assisting me was her bestie, so i got treated like a queen, but i didnt want my mum in the room, so i quickly blurted out all my fears and concerns to which she frankly said that im on the lowest end of the specturm and that my smaer picked up only slight changes, and that i had nothing to worry about as it is very common, and then she thanked me for coming as some women dont turn up out of fear. So had the colcosopy had 2 biopsies taken, and asked to look at the pictures(in my head i imagined the worst) but when i saw them there were a small bunch of cells showing to which the specialist said, Summer from what i can see, there is no cause for serious concern as when i was putting the fluids in it took a long time for the cells to show, and usually the show up quickly, but just to make sure i had to take the biopsies so we can see what stage of cell change you are at, so i personally dont epect you to come back for treatment, follow up smear in 12months, but if you do, it will be treated and monitored straight away, so please allow yourself to relax:) 

I cant tell you the wave off euphoria that came over me, to the point i hugged all the nurses and colcoscopists and nearly jumped my mum when i came out, by then i told her about the HPV and understandibly she was peeved as she said i could have told her and she would have put my mind at ease, so appart ffrom feeling a little saw, 2 solpadenes later after i got home, i slept like a baby properly in the last 2months of panic.

I aslo felt so silly afterwards, because its a blessing that the NHS do free screening and treatment, and regardless of any result i get back from the biopsies im informed enough now more than ever of whats to come, but knowing that i am on the system and being treated is thanks and reasurrance enough.

So as i turn 32 next month, i can atually look forward to it now, and allow the panic,

Thank you so much for your reply again sweets, and again glad for your results!!

Summer xxxx

Hi Kblax,

Thank you so so much for your reply, you all really helped to keep me calm enough to get on with it, I hope your biopsies come back ok, but either way, we will get the needed treatment for whatever stage our cells are at, and we are fortunate to have this treatment, let me know how it goes if you want, i will also, and im rooting for you tons sweets,

oh and I took your advice and asked as many questions I could blurt out, but they already had the answers ready quick from the moIent i was all nervouslol

Summer xxx

Hi Mandy,

Thank you so so so much for sharing, and thank for your condolences for my brother, very kind of you.

Yep it was after reading your post, i told myself summer just get it done already, you wont know S@/t until its done, so just be brave, and its true like you said, no point stressing over hpv, just get on with getting it sorted.

I hope your results come back fine, im sure they will as they have removed them, and hope your healing well post lletz procedure, my mum told me that when she had her abnormal smear back in 97 and had CIN2, she had the lletz also, but back then she wasnt given any anaesthetics(she is my soilder) so she was in agony, so we have come a long way and im very grateful.

Wishing you all the best and many thanks again, 


Summer xxxx

Hi Beckster79,

Thank you very much for your reply, really you all put me in a decent head space,

The vinegar solution was a stinging experience and was uncomfortable from the biopsies,  but that was a welcome feeling after the insane thoughts I had in my head priorlol

Many thanks again

summer xxx

Exactly summer just get rid of them cells, your poor mom can't imagine how hard that must of been for her thanks be to god we have come up in the years is right, I'm healing well the lletz wasn't as bad as I taught it would be I drove there myself and all the ways there I kept saying get rid of the bad cells, I was giving 2 injections and didn't feel nothing and was over and done with in no time at all, they did say was a large area, the waiting on results is a nightmare to be honest I'm thinking all sorts(all this in 7 weeks so worried they were doing it so fast)  but will just have to wait and see, but no matter what im ready for it, I envy men sometimes, how did ur colposcope go? By the way I didn't have a smear in 7 years stupid me I know,