Anxiety over colposcopy

Hi everyone. 

Wondered if anyone could help? I suffer from health anxiety and this Corona outbreak is affecting my mental health.

Today i received a letter saying I need a colposcopy due to abormal cell changes and HPV+.

I don't know if this will happen now cos of pandemic. Last year I had HPV and normal cells so they have changed in a year. I'm worried as surely if they changed that quick, they could change to high grade before I get seen.

Any words of comfort would be greatly appreciated thank you x

Unfortunately, I don't have any advice. I'm rather new to this, myself. But I *can* tell you that you are not the only one feeling this way. I've been referred to the hospital for a colposcopy (also after the second year of abnormal screening), and that is the last place I want to go right now. Of course, there is also the fear that they're going to push the appointment far out, and then I'll have to sit here, constantly falling down the rabbit hole of "what ifs." 

One thing my therapist tells me is to sort my worries into things I can control, and things I cannot control. Then I need to try to focus on the things I can control. Believe it or not, you may be able to find aspects of your life that you can control, and extra things you can do to feel like you are in control - like washing your hands when you're worrying about covid. 

I'm sorry I don't have more for you, but I hope this helped a little <3

Hi there, 

I have anxiety as well and I have a colposcopy next Tuesday. I got a call today that the appointment will still occur , but were just changing my time due to moving around appointments related to the virus/closing early . My pap was abnormal, positive for HPV. I'm very anxious, I just want it over and of course , the biopsy to come back normal . Thinking of you ! Keep us updated on when your appointment is!!!! 
~ Vicky 

I'm worried how long I will have to wait now and that the cells will get worse!

Did you have a colposcopy last year due to abnormal cells or did they leave them?