colposcopy worries - children mentioned

Hi, firstly I would like to say thank you for any replies I get on this matter. I don't really know where to start I'm new to this kind of thing but I really need someone to talk to about this as I'm really stressed out! So here goes...I got my first smear invitation about a month ago, which I thought was odd as I'm 24 & the required age is 25 (in UK) but had no reservations as I know how important smears are! Went for my smear & immediately felt uncomfortable as I was told a male doctor will also be present as he wanted to see a smear test in enters male doc I get told to undress behind the screen which the nurse & the doc both stand & watch me undress! She was speaking to me while the doc is just staring at me while I'm stood in my pants! She proceeded to do the test which wasn't so bad but the male doc was having a good look! Felt disgusting as I left I don't know why?! Anyway I received my results a week later informing me I have borderline changes to my cervix & HPV I feel disgusted in myself for getting this awful thing & embarrassed about it aswel.I am now not sleeping hardly eating & I'm constantly upset as I'm now dreading I have cancer (grandmother had cc at 36 & needed a full hysterectomy) I have a two year old son & can't bear the thought of leaving him I know I haven't been diagnosed but I can't help thinking I've got cancer! I've struggled to put weight on I'm only 7stone at present & have constant back ache & also I have the implant & always experience irregular bleeding so I wouldn't know if I was bleeding irregularly because of cc or the implant! So worried about my colposcopy which is due 29th august so still a little wait to go yet! Anybody in the same situation? Or been through it & could offer any advice & experience? Thank you to anybody who replies back to me & sorry for long post! Steph xx

Hi Steph, sorry that you are experiencing this worry. Firstly , do NOT feel bad about the hpv as almost everyone will contract this at some point simply from having had intercourse. The male doctor should have known to be more circumspect , surely realising that it's a potentially embarrassing scenario for any woman but hey ho, some of them a bit dense. As for your concern about cc because of your grandmother, I have been told by several doctors that cc is not hereditary . Try & plan some nice things to do over the next few weeks (if you are able to) as this will help to take you mind off your (understandable) worries. I know it's easy saying that & much harder to do, I am a VERY BIG worrier but it doesn't help & only makes you feel worse. Mega good luck & best wishes.

I am sorry you had to experience that. The doctor and nurse should have left you alone behind the screen when getting undressed. I would have kicked their butt for doing that to me. they can be a bit dense.

I totally understand the embarrassedment as I have been feeling that too.
I am glad that you got the tests done, your family history is much like me (grandmother needed full hysterectomies in her 30s, it might have been the reason for your early call-in).

I totally agree with Celtic Girl, find something fun to look forward to, has helped me LOADS. I like to watch Disney movies after my appointments, and eat candy.

Best of luck

Thanks so much for replies… I’m currently preparing to go back to college in a few weeks so I’m preparing for that to keep my mind of upcoming appointment its helping a bit & I’m mostly running after my 2 year old which keeps me busy! I think my worries come from caring for my grandmother while she had terminal cancer & seeing what this awful decease does to loved ones is scary! ( she had breast cancer twice first time full mastectomy second time was secondary breast cancer & had spread to all organs :frowning: ) just having someone understand is lovely thank you both for helping put my mind at rest! It doesn’t help the embarrassment much when my best friends nan said only s##ts get HPV :confused: which is a disgraceful thing to say but its stuck in my head now unfortunately

It's so sad that people are not educated well enough, and truly believes this to be true. Education is the key.

HPV can affect anyone, regardless of someones promiscuity or lack of thereof.


*huge hugs* 

You definitely should have told the doctor to leave while you undressed. 

Yes the age is 25 but you can have it done up to 6 months before (the receptionist at my gp told me it was 3)

I am a third generation,  my gran had to have a full hysterectomy at around 30 and my mum has had 2 lletz. I have already had one lltez and they kept telling me it wasn't genetic too.

I am now starting to worry about my next smear, especially because if I don't get the all clear I wil be asking my partner of almost 11 months (well it will be by then) for a baby.