Colposcopy and results.

Hey everyone,

I'm new to this. I had my smear test beginning of June (after being rescheduled twice due to covid-19)

My smear came back low dyskaryosis and was referred to have a colposcopy at my hospital.

Yesterday I went and had it done and ended up having 3 biopsies done. The lady said it's definitely what my smear had detected and should get my results soon and also said about having yearly smears. Is that good news then? I'm so anxious about it all and scared the results of my biopsy will be different?


Hi there,


I can completely relate. Last year I had the exact same thing and was out of my mind with worry. I couldn't even read the results myself when they came through. But honestly it was nothing, it came back cin1 and have been monitored yearly which is a really good thing. The only bad thing about it is having to think about it again in 12 months time. But it's all good. 

Hello Ladies

The official term for this is "watch and wait" because sometimes CIN one for example can go back to normal without treatment if your immune system manages to fight it off. So they are just keeping an eye on you. So yes it is a good thing even if it worries you. Provided the biopsies don't show higher grade cell changes they will just monitor you. I am not medically qualified. This is just information I have learned on this site. Hope this helps.


Hey Amysheridan,

Thank-you so much for replying. I just keep thinking.. What if she just said 1 year smears just to make me feel alot better (as i was so anxious) But then thinking surely they are not allowed to do that (give false hope)

I've never missed my smears but i never ever want to go through this again. It's so scary! I'm hoping i will have my yearly smears and everything will return to normal and i can move on and stop worrying as it's really not helping my mental health.

The biopsy's really weren't bad at all, they got me to cough when they were taking them so it didn't hurt at all and i've not had any pain just a little blood and brown discharge. I hope you are ok?

Sally x

Hey 55,

Thank-you so much for your reply :)

In a way i'm so glad i'm being constantly monitored which puts my mind at rest just isn't nice to go through at all. The word C really petrifies me!

kind regards.

Sally x

Hey Sally

Thank you for your reply; it petrifies me too! However I keep reminding myself that the screening programme is largely successful because it prevents abnormal cells from turning into c by detecting them early and making sure they go away one way or another. It's ok to be scared - I think everyone on here understands. 

Take care of yourself & be kind to yourself