Biopsy awaiting results

Hey, I have never written in a forum before this is all very new but I have found myself turning to this forum as I'm worried about possible results from the colposcopy biopsy I had just yesterday, all the ladies on here seem so brave and all the comments seem to really put others minds at ease, I suppose I'm just searching for the same. I had low grade abnormal cells and hpv detected at my smear and they took a biopsy so have to wait 3-4 weeks for those results my friends keep saying not to worry and I am really trying but I seem to keep thinking the worst is there a positive outcome of nothing being wrong? 

Hi suzie,

i had exactly the same results as you, had biopsy and results were the same as the smear :) so now I will have a smear next year to check on it but with cin 1 there's a really high chance that it will regress naturally and will be all clear. It's easy to say "don't worry" but try not to- I've had my odd what if  it gets worse moments but it's pointless and won't help my situation (it will only drive me insane). Xxx

Everything Sharper said!  Even if it doesn't go away & needs to be removed it will probably be in the super early stages, miles & miles away from being cancer, & will be able to be easily & successfully dealt with :)  All the best *hug*

thank you both for the comments, already I am telling myself it's silly to worry even though its natural I suppose, hope you two are doing well thank you again my mind is at ease a little just got to play the waiting game x