Colposcopy and HPV - so scared

I had my first smear test and it came back abnormal. The letter also confirmed that I have HPV. I have a colposcopy on Wednesday but I am scared about the results and what they might find. Since having a baby six months ago I have had constant spotting ever since. The doctor said it was just hormones settling back down but now I am not sure and concerned about this. I have postnatal depression and this is making me very worried and stressed. I can’t help but think the worst.


Firstly don't panic (hug) I had a baby 7 months ago and have the same smear result as you. I'm not new to colposcopy but had one approximately 2 weeks ago and I had a Lletz procedure for high grade CGIN and currently waiting for the results.

I had a large 10lb+ baby so may have pushed any lurking nasty out of my canal and was picked up on my smear. I see this as good news otherwise it may have gone on undetected for much longer.

To reassure you, I read that hormonal changes can create abnormal cells, not just the hpv. As it's hard to tell which is to blame, treatment will be performed if it's  a high grade abnormality to avoid any risk, but if the changes to your cervix are mild, you may just be monitored. They will likely take a punch biopsy if they suspect a mild change or perform a Lletz if they suspect medium to high grade change. Try not to go on your own.. having my husband there really helped.

Remember to ask questions when you go for your colposcopy so you leave clearly understanding the anticipated level of abnormality and the type. It's so easy for the fog to decend when you are in the moment.

Waiting for the biopsy results is hard, but I'm much calmer about it than before, mostly thanks to this site and hearing about other ladies stories. 

There will always be a friend on here if you need to talk




I am just so worried. It was my first smear (as I was pregnant when I got my letter at 25 inviting me for a smear) and it has totally freaked me out. Will they do the biopsy there and then on Wednesday if they need to do one? 

Hi zml, it's completely normal to be freaked out by it all.  In my experience they will do a biopsy then and there if they feel the need.  As you haven't had a biopsy they are likely to do one.  But, the punch biopsy is not too bad, a little pinch and a sting and it's over.  Next time you go, if the area of cell changes hasn't changed much they probably won't do another, but it all depends on what the first biopsy shows (I had my first abnormal smear 6 years ago and have been to the colposcopy clinic 8-10 times since, sometimes they biopsy, sometimes they don't - as the Dr didn't see any changes she would sometimes just do the smear instead.  I had CIN1 and high risk HPV so they monitored and hoped it would get better).  If you are worried and not breastfeeding see if your GP will prescribe you some sedatives to calm you down before the procedure - but do have someone to drive you there and back!  Good luck :)

Can you still have one while spotting or should I call the hopsital first? I bleed probably 5/7 days a week so it's hard to get a day when I don't bleed. I never bleed too much, not even enough to wear a pad some days but nevertheless there is blood when I wipe.


What sort of questions will they ask me when I go for the appointment?