so scared

hi i had my smear results back on xmas eve and it said it was abnormal and high. i am very worried as i have 2 beautiful girl and am only 25 this year this is my first smear test and i cant think of anything else now, i have got to go for a colposcopy on the 13th of this month i am so worried what they will find and worried about what they are going to do to xx


any advice would be much appricated

many thanks trudy xx


Try not too worry about the colposcopy appointment, i worried too but it wasnt that bad,i had a Lletz and biopsy and all i felt was a sharp scratch from the local anasectic needle very similar to a dentist needle. It was all over in 20 minsand i wasnt really in any pain after, just mild cramps. As for what they will find i understand you are worried but it is very unikely at our age to be anything serious. They should be ableto give a rough idea of what they find but the biopsy results will confirm. Hope all goes well for you.


Feb '12 first smearCIN 1 No treatment

Oct'13 second smear, high grade dyslarosis

3rd Dec'13 Colposcopy, Lletz, Biopsy

Awaiting Results

Hello. I totally understand how you feel and what you are going through. I have got my little princess and I am only 26 and when I got abnormal results back  I just felt constantly sick and worried all the time. I had my colposcopy on the 16th december and the whole procedure was fine I thought the snear test was more uncomfortable.  I am booked in for lletz on the 13th jan so now I am back to being scared and feeling sick of what the outcone is going to be :( x hope everything goes ok for you hun xx

Thank you fir your kind replys x 

I amglad I can talk to ladies that have been through the same thing as I'm going through, I am such a worrier, if they take a biopsy I don't know what I am going to be like having to wait that long to get my results back, I am having my 4 wisdom teeth removed the day after my colposcopy so I am hoping the pain and swollen face will help take my mind off it for a bit,  

I am so glad I found this forum.

I wish you ladies the best of luck to xx