Colposcopy and Biopsy...The waiting game

Hi all,

I'm a newbie here and after trawling the internet for information I came across this site.

I wonder if someone can please offer me some advice (I'm a worrier BTW!). I'm 45 with one child and my smears etc have always come back clear and i've never experienced any problems in that area.

I had a routine smear a few weeks ago and received a letter saying 'Borderline changes and HPV positive'. I have private medical insurance at work (thankfully) and so went on Friday and saw a consultant and had a colposcopy and two biopsies. Was all a bit scary because the colposcope was in the theatre and I had to be admitted to the hospital.

I have to say the consultant was really nice (the biopsies made my eyes water) and the whole process was over in less than half an hour.


When I came out the consultant asked if I wanted to see the pictures.....why did I say yes?????? So now I'm looking at pictures of my cervix (4 in total). The first one showed a fairly pink looking outline with a very red bit in the centre and what can only be described as white bits that look like mouth ulcers.

The consultant said 'I can't see anything untoward but I'll be looking to loop that part' (pointing to the red mouth ulcer section).

I have an appointment in two weeks for results. Since the appointment I have been totally irrational. I'm normally quite calm and laid back but this has me in a real state. I'm worrying so much and googling pictures of cervix's (heaven only  knows what my IT department think I'm up to!).

Can someone please help me with what might happen next? I have read that borderline changes normally don't require any treatment. So why has he said he will use remove cells? Do you think that the results aren't borderline and I have something else going on?

I had discharge for a few days following the biopsies and now seem okay. What about sexual contact with my partner? Should I refrain? What about the HPV?

Sorry for all the questions....I'm all over the place. Thank you so much for reading my ramblings and offering me advice.


I was told to basically not insert anything into

my vagina for five days - so no tampons, sex etc. In a short while (I'm not sure how long if you have gone private - probably soon) you should get biopsy results which will confirm your level of "cin" and then you'll be called back for treatment. I hear stories where smears detect borderline but when people have the colposcopy it's cin 2. Just try not to panic as I'm sure you'll be fine... Cin 1/cin2 which yours most probably will be is very very rarely cancer from what I can make out. It's cin 3 if anything but even then it's very rare if you have cin 3 so people don't panic! Take each day as it comes... Good luck x

Thank you Gemlou. I can read from your signature that you had CIN3. Good luck and I hope your results come back clear.

I have to wait two weeks for the results of my biopsies so praying that it's not too bad. The waiting is the worst isnt it.

Thanks again for your help.




Hi there, I can totally sympathise, the waiting is the worst bit. Trust they are doing things quickly... I was told when I was diagnosed in 2012 (stage 1b1) that it's a 'slow grower' so even waiting a couple weeks isn't going to make a difference if you see what I mean. I kept thinking that if I did have abnormal cells that each day that passed could mean a spread or something,  but honestly, it won't x  Just try to take it day by day and don't let those bad thoughts take over.  Even if there are abnormal cells, treatment is available and you will be ok x Thank god for smear tests, and for catching it early. Take care and let us know how you get on xx